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Sophie Atkinson

I am unashamedly obsessed with 's latest film, Dom Hemingway. Blessed with prominent cheekbones and eyes you could swim in, poor old Jude has always been, first and foremost, a talented character actor stuck in a matinee idol's perfect body (see for example, his performance as a creepy hitman in Road To Perdition). Ever since middle-age started setting in and he no longer has quite the same glow he once did, Jude finally seems to be getting the roles he's best suited for as a thespian rather than most physically appropriate for (Alfie, Bosie, Dickie Greenleaf) – much like fellow golden boy, .

Cue Dom Hemingway. Jude Law sports some truly awful mutton chops in his role as the titular Dom, a man just released from twelve years in prison where he did time on behalf of his former boss Mr Fontaine (Demian Bichir). He's ready to claim the money he's owed for keeping schtum, but soon everything spins out of control as he meets a tricksy femme fatale (Madalina Diana) and tries to make contact with the daughter he hasn't seen in years ().

Supposedly, the trailer's not as good as the movie, but that must be saying something, because the trailer's a bloody, gutsy, fun-filled treat. Check. It. Out.


There's also some rather gorgeous stills:

Do you think this looks great? Or does it leave you cold? Let me know below!

Dom Hemingway opens in the U.K. on November 15th and on April 4, 2014 in the U.S.


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