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Tino Jochimsen

Finally! Although there are a several members of the 'New Hollywood' that have directed better films, none of them can claim more larger-than-life-ness than . The man was the inspiration for Walter "you're entering a world of pain" Sobchak () in The Big Lebowski after all.

Hence, it is only just and fair that Milius finally gets a documentary, which will hopefully showcase all sides of the iconoclast: the fantastic storyteller who wrote pearls like The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean or Jeremiah Johnson contributed key scenes to Jaws and Dirty Harry and also the outspoken, gun-toting, right-wing lunatic, who loves to say outrageous things.

If this trailer is any indication of the finished product, Milius includes some of Hollywood finest (, ,, ) saying fascinating things about one of the most fascinating men in the industry.



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