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Tino Jochimsen

It’s completely understandable, yet utterly frustrating; a trailer tells you a certain film is one thing, yet the film turns out to be something very different. Let's take a recent example, The Grey. The trailer says Taken set in Alaska, with wolves instead of Albanians. The film says somber, existential B-movie, with a surprising lack of wolf-punching.

The trailer for Mud, starring , , and one of the very talented kids from The Tree of Life, tells you that the films is a by the numbers fugitive thriller set in Mississipi.

Having read some of the rather positive reviews, and seen beautiful previous efforts Take Shelter and Shotgun Stories, I am very much convinced that the actual film is a much calmer, more poetic affair. The director himself likened Mud to a Mark Twain story, directed by .

The trailer seems to disagree with this quite strongly, mainly because that film probably would sell less tickets.

If you’re feeling indecisive about which version of Mud you prefer, and if or if not you really should watch the film, the common denominator in both versions is that takes his shirt off. You're welcome, Ladies.



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