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For those of you who found the fay portrayal of the puny princess Sleeping Beauty too pure, then the maniacal Maleficent may appeal to your darker side.

Maleficent's retelling goes back to her origins, and unravels a personal history which could perhaps vindicate her black heart. The cause of this embittered transformation, we learn, is born out of human tyranny and the threat they pose on her forest home; which- in the trailer- sees her warning Aurora of the "evil in this world".

It seems that (minus the stony heart) you could definitely see why was attracted to the role, with the overarching metaphor of mankind's biggest mistakes being one of her greatest personal concerns.

Regardless of the worldly woe, it looks like she will do a fine job as ever, so kick back for one and a half minutes and enjoy the new trailer (via io9)!


Are you a die-hard Disney fan? If so, what are your thoughts on the new Maleficent trailer?

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