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After Yeon Sang-ho's first foray into live action impressed at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, Train To Busan continued to defy all expectations this year, becoming one of the most successful Korean films of all time.

Check out the action-packed trailer for Train To Busan below:

It should come as no surprise then that a sequel, tentatively titled Train To Busan 2, is on track. After all, horror isn't particularly known for holding back on the sequels, but what direction will the franchise take next?

Train To Nowhere?

Train To Busan [Credit: Next Entertainment World]
Train To Busan [Credit: Next Entertainment World]

After the animated prequel Seoul Station delved into the backstory of the first film, Train To Busan 2 is set to follow the few survivors who remain, picking the story up from exactly where we left off. This does somewhat call into the question the rumored title 'Train To Busan 2', as the characters have made it to Busan... and they're not on a train... At least the number '2' works, we guess.

The plot will reportedly focus on the military's attempts to cure the infection, and rumors suggest that noted Korean star Song Joong Ki will join the cast as a doctor working on the antidote. Ma Dong Seok will also reprise his role from Train To Busan, despite dying in the first film, so it's likely that a zombified version of his character will attack the two survivors who made it to Busan.

While a lead role for Ma Dong Seok would seem unlikely, there's supposedly a chance that his zombie will retain elements of his human consciousness and play a larger part than one would presume. Think Warm Bodies meets Snowpiercer.

Train To Paddington?

Train To Busan [Credit: Next Entertainment World]
Train To Busan [Credit: Next Entertainment World]

After gaining worldwide attention at Cannes, Train To Busan immediately became the subject of an intense bidding war between a number of major studios, including Fox and Sony. Eventually, the French company Gaumont won the rights to develop an English-language remake.

While fans may be excited for Train To Busan 2, a legitimately valid extension of the first film's story, the news that this remake is also in the works could be problematic for some. After all, Hollywood remakes of Asian horror have had a mixed track record in the past, and Train To Busan is intrinsically Korean in many ways.

Saying that though, the general concept of a zombie outbreak on a train could still work in Hollywood, even if it's a bit hard to imagine the likes of Tom Cruise or The Rock kicking undead ass on an old steam train instead of Korea's KTX.

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Whether the English-language remake turns into a hideous trainwreck or continues on full steam ahead, it seems like the Train To Busan franchise is nowhere near the end of the line just yet, and we couldn't be happier. After all, there may be a lot of zombie shows and films currently doing the rounds, but few are as inventive or downright scary as Korea's finest horror film this year.


Are you more excited about the Train To Busan sequel or remake?

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