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Hardcore fans should recognize the name of , long-time cinematographer for Nolan's films, all the way from Memento to The Dark Knight Rises. But Pfister's stepping out of Nolan's shadow with his directorial debut, Transcendence, and did he ever land himself a big name for his cast.

According to Deadline, iconic actor has joined the cast of Pfister's upcoming sci-fi film. Though plot details aren't being revealed, it is reported that Depp will play a brilliant scientist whose brain is uploaded into a supercomputer.

Along with Depp, the actresses , , and actor have all been rumored to be attached to the film.

There were previous concerns that Depp would not be able to join the cast due to scheduling conflicts with the Irish mob film, Black Mass, to which he had already been previously committed. However, Depp appears to have worked out filming issues and will shoot both films, with Transcendence being filmed first.

Transcendence, written by newcomer Jack Paglen, was on the so-called "Black List" last year, which is a running list of the best unproduced scripts (Think of it as the movie industry equivalent of a slush pile) in Hollywood. Considering Pfister spend years studying at the School of Nolan, this is no surprise he picked up on the script.


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