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The fresh-faced human cast of Transformers: Age of Extinction just keeps getting bigger and bigger. 's fourth Transformers outing has already signed up three big named newbies in the form of , and . Now we can add a slightly less weighty name to that list: . has reported that the Underworld star has signed up for a currently unannounced role, although there are suggestions she will play a scientist.

And in other Transformers casting news: Yesterday we heard how Fast & Furious 6 star is eager to return to Transformers: Age of Extinction in his role as Master Sergeant Robert Epps. It seems he is still yet to get the call, but that doesn't mean he can't pile on the pressure with some serious guilt tripping. He told

I hope that I get that call. I hear there's some kind of conversation that Josh [Duhamel] had with Michael Bay about coming back for Four. I hope I get that call. 'Transformers' is still the only tattoo I've ever gotten on my body. We never had a cartoon called 'Fast & Furious' when we were kids. I had 'Transformers' when I was a kid and it was one of my favorite cartoons. I grew up understanding that 'Transformers' world and that 'Transformers' universe.

C'mon, Bay, just give the dude a role. He's got a tattoo and everything.

Anyway, while Gibson is still standing by the phone, it looks like Myles can just relax and start preparing for her role.

What do you think about the casting? Was it a good choice, or do you have someone better in mind? Let me know below. [[poll]]


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