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In Transformers: Age of Extinction, Michael Bay is finally delivering the characters which Transformer fans have been waiting a generation for: The Dinobots.

Now, if you're a Transformers layman, you might not know exactly who, or what, the Dinobots are. So, to get you ready for the Transformers 4 trailer, we've got some Dinobot training cards and bios to bring you up to speed.

Grimlock is the bad-ass leader of the Dinobot faction. Now technically, the Dinobots are part of the Autobot team, but that doesn't mean relations are always congenial. Y'see Grimlock has a bit of a superiority complex, especially when it comes to Optimus Prime. Grimlock does accept his subordinate position, but that doesn't mean he doesn't one day dream of supplanting good ol' Prime.

Grimlock is one of the hardest Transformers around. In this T-Rex mode he's essentially indestructible, while in his robot mode he can comfortably go toe-to-toe with Megatron, or even Optimus Prime. When in this mode he wields an energon sword, and also a double-barreled, self-propelled rocket launcher. Grimlock also has quite a few alternative modes, including a cybertronian tank, a Megaraptor, a Ford Mustang GT and, interestingly, an optical mouse.

Interesting, some Transformer 4 merchandise and publicity pictures have shown what appears to be Optimus Prime riding on Grimlock.

Sludge is another Dinobot which appreciates strength above all else. This is probably because he doesn't really have a whole lot else to offer to the team. Now, Sludge isn't exactly the sharpest Energon sword in the Autobot team. Although he is renowned for his earthquake causing strength, he is also incredibly dim-witted.

As well as loving to stomp on things, Sludge is also known to be able to shoot lasers from his eyes and an energy weapon from his mouth. This alternative modes includes a cybertronian tank (again!), an Apatosaurus and Dimetrodon.

Swoop has gone through several transformations in his time, with his personality being quite different in the Transformers: Generation 1 and Marvel comic-book iterations of the character. Regardless, in both cases he is the Dinobot air support, and enjoys nothing more than seeing his enemies flee before him. However, despite his love of combat, in the original series he is also depicted as a good-natured, gentle and intelligent Autobot.

Swoop packs air-to-air missiles under each wing and an engine which can push him up to 250 mph in an instant. Unfortunately, his fragile wings have proved to be vulnerable to attack, which means he often likes to keep a distance from his foes.

Slag is your quintessential heavy-weapons guy. He delivers a hefty punch and doesn't exactly have much time for others. The Triceratops Dinobot's main attack is his dragon-like flamethrower breath which can shoot a 3,000 degrees Celsius flame up to 80 feet in front of him. If that doesn't work, he's always packing laser horns for back up, as well as an energon sword, laser rifle and rocket launcher.

His biggest weakness might be his over-aggressive nature which often causes friction in the Dinobot team. He has been known to question Grimlock from time-to-time, which is especially troubling considering he is often seen as the Dinobot second in command.

Although Slag might be pretty anti-social, even his attitude can't match that of Snarl. Snarl is known as the quiet member of the Dinobots and generally tries to avoid communicating with others. However, Snarl does find respite on the battlefield and loves nothing better than kicking Decepticon trunks.

Snarl packs a pretty tough punch, but he becomes even more powerful in sunny environments. His large Stegosaurus plates can act as solar arrays which absorb sunlight and push his strength and endurance to extreme levels. Unfortunately, this does also mean he is extra vulnerable at night.

Paddles is a rather special Dinobot. Although the rest love nothing more than getting into a scrap, Paddles would prefer it everyone just got along and had a nice time. Having said that, Paddles has also been seen to fight valiantly if he is forced to.

Paddles only appeared in comic-book versions of Transformers and so less is known about him as a character. In fact, he spends much of the time buried in the bottom of the sea. In this sense, we're probably unlikely to see him in the Michael Bay's Transformers 4. Poor old Paddles.

So there you have it, the main Dinobot crew. Now, although Grimlock is a certainty, we still don't know how many of these guys will be joining him in 's Transformers 4. Luckily, the first Transformers: Age of Extinction trailer is expected to land during the Super Bowl on Sunday. Hopefully the trailer will give us our first glimpses at the Dinobot gang.

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