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In a move which seemingly confirms Hollywood's move east, Transformers: Age of Extinction has returned to China to film additional scenes.

Transformers 4 has already filmed extensively in Hong Kong and the Wulong Karst National Park in Chongqing, but it seems it wasn't enough for . It seems odd that he's so eager to return, since last time he was in the country he was attacked by a pumped up triad wielding an air-conditioning unit. Here are some details from, but beware they contain minor spoilers:

The fourth installment of the Transformers franchise has just finished part of its shoot in China, and it features some beautiful natural scenery.

This cave, located in Wulong county of Chongqing Municipality, is a naturally formed karst land form. It was chosen as a location for the shoot of Transformers 4 for its breathtaking grandeur.

The final cut of this scene is about 2 and a half minutes. The shooting is mainly for a bird’s eye view of the two bridge-like landforms, and a fight scene between transformers takes place under them. Then a transformer walks out from below the two “bridges”. Huang Daosheng, Manager of Wulong Karst Landform Co., said.

Because the bridges are part of a world natural heritage, the film crew did a thorough test to make sure the shoot would not damage the bridge. The shoot has also lured a number of curious tourists to the site.

Transformers 4 is the latest Hollywood blockbuster which seems to be deliberately targeting Chinese demographics. Chinese law regarding the importing of foreign movies is rather strict, but if Michael Bay hopes to make as much cash as possible he'll probably attempt to turn Transformers 4 into a co-production with a Chinese distributor. However, in order to qualify as a co-production a film needs to have certain story elements in place, including scenes set in China. Maybe this additional filming is to reinforce Transformers: Age of Extinction's position with a Chinese studio? Just speculating of course.

In fact, I recently wrote an editorial about this very subject. Pop over here to check that out. It's really good. I promise.

But before you go and do that, why not drop some comments on how you think Transformers: Age of Extinction is coming along.


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