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Mark Newton

likes explosions. Michael Bay likes vehicles. Put them together, and you'll learn that Michael Bay likes making vehicles explode. His latest vehicular victims were a couple of boats moored in the River Rouge in Detroit.

The S.S. Columbia and S.S. Ste. Clair are currently being used as props in Bay's upcoming Transformers: Age of Extinction. Some photo-happy set visitor managed to grab these shots of some ship-borne pyrotechnics. Usually these ships only come with a single smoke stack, however Bay's crew added a second one for the explosions. Take a look below:

(via ComicBookMovie)

Another eagle-eyed set-snapper managed to get these blurry shots of some kind of futuristic mini-gun-toting cockpit type thing being moved on set. What is it exactly? I'm not sure, but it looks pretty cool:

So, there you have it: confirmation Transformers 4 will feature at least one explosion. I'm sure that comes as a shock to many of you.

What do you think that mysterious trailer mounted prop is? Give your insight below.


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