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If you've been anxiously awaiting 's lastest (and last) installment in the franchise, then the latest news to hit the internet, and toy shelves, will leave you feeling pretty stoked.

Via Screenrant, someone snapped a picture of one of the newest Transformers: The Last Knight action figures to come to Toys 'R' Us:

Check that out! Looking closer, there are two features on that jump out at us.

Optimus Has Yellow Armor

has a history of doing at least two things in the Transformers movies: dying and merging with other Autobots to prevent himself from dying. It appears that Optimus has some of Bumblebee's armor, or vice versa. From the trailer, Optimus and get into quite the heated argument, so what you might be seeing is them joining forces...literally. Which means one of them might die for real this time.

Also, look at what Optimus is standing on in the picture; what do you see? Bumblebee? Honeycomb? I'm not sure where else to go with that, except what name this badass new possible Autobot might have.

Introducing: Bumblebee Prime

Hey, it sure sounds a lot better than Optimubumblebee. Or would that be Optimus Bumblebee? Or Optimumblebee?

Transformers: The Last Knight hits theaters June 23, 2017!

Thoughts on this? How much are you looking forward to seeing Stonehenge getting blown up in ? Let me know what you think about that and the possible death of Optimus Prime or Bumblebee in the comments!

Source: [Screenrant]


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