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Are you a Transfan? Director Michael Bay has promised an all new and exciting last Transformers and the Superbowl surprise trailer is going to be our first look, hitting screens February 2. If you are as excited about the Transformers Superbowl Spot as the video editor megaprime1007, and if you do not want to miss this big surprise, subscribe your own fan-made trailer and be part of the online countdown series.

Gearing up full speed for the Transformers: Age of Extinction trailer that will be attached to the Super Bowl on February 2, megaprime1007, the video editor also responsible for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 countdown, is going to present a fan made video every week till the big debut. Starting January 10, every Wednesday and Friday there will be a fan video posted on Youtube, in full anticipation of the trailer. Check out the announcement video here and be part of the countdown by submitting your own Transfan trailer:


(source: MegaPrime1007 Studios via ComicBookMovie)

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