BySophie Atkinson, writer at
Sophie Atkinson

If you like , you love explosions. And say what you like about Bay – but he’s very, very talented at orchestrating explosions – the bigger, the better.

Now he promises cinemagoers that Transformers: Age of Extinction will have (not be, snarkettes), the 'mother of all bombs', according to the Chicago Tribune. According to the Chicago based newspaper, the fourth Transformers film – which Michael Bay plans to be the last installment he ever directs – will finish shooting in Chicago this week.

According to one of those pesky unnamed sources, the 'mother of all bombs' explosion will take place this afternoon around the silos on the S Damen Avenue and W. 29th Street in the Pilsen area, if you feel like watching from a safe distance (presumably it'll be cordoned off to that distance so passersby don't get hurt).

Funnily enough, while the scene's being shot on the streets of Chicago, it's actually Hong Kong that Bay will probably be portraying as exploding in the movie. reports that 'Many of the scenes that Bay has filmed so far in Chicago have been set in Hong Kong with Hong Kong flags and Chinese street signs.'


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