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Believe it or not, the Transformers franchise has been exploding all over our screens for a full decade. All the way back in 2007, the titular Transformers launched a franchise which hasn't garnered much critical acclaim (to say the least), but has raked in millions of dollars. This year sees the release The Last Knight, which will mark the fifth instalment in one of the most lucrative franchises in cinematic history.

Those among you who might be asking yourselves whether or not we need more Transformers movies were no doubt disappointed to hear a Bumblebee spin-off has been slated for a 2018 release. However, a surprising choice of director might just be about to lift hype for Bumblebee to stratospheric heights.

News has broke that Travis Knight has signed on to direct the Bumblebee spin-off. This is a huge deal, because if you've seen Kubo and The Two Strings, you'll know how much of a talented director Travis Knight is. Kubo and The Two Strings is an Oscar nominated movie that went up against the likes of Moana and Zootopia this year at the Academy Awards. Ultimately, Kubo lost to Zootopia, but it can hold its head held high. Kubo was lavished with praise from fans and critics alike, and it currently stands at an impressive 97% on Rotten Tomatoes.

What Travis Knight Will Bring to 'Bumblebee'

Fan favorite [Credit: Paramount Pictures]
Fan favorite [Credit: Paramount Pictures]

Travis Knight is a totally fresh new director, whose only directing credit is Kubo and The Two Strings — whose technical mastery is all the more impressive, when you consider it was his directorial debut. Imagine your first movie getting an nomination? Travis Knight knows how that feels.

I think Travis Knight could bring a totally fresh and innovative tone to Bumblebee that could distance it from the rest of the movies. Bumblebee is a comedic character, meaning his solo movie could bring some much-needed comedy to the Transformers franchise. The Transformers films often try to blend drama, comedy and action all at the same time — to varying degrees of success. Also, Travis Knight's work in the animation field will prove useful when orchestrating the high-octane action sequences we're sure to see in the Bumblebee movie.

What We Need to See in 'Bumblebee'

Can he prove well as the protagonist? [Credit: Paramount Pictures]
Can he prove well as the protagonist? [Credit: Paramount Pictures]

When I first saw Transformers back in 2007, my favorite character wasn't the mighty Optimus Prime, but rather the yellow, loveable Bumblebee. I think the reason for this was mainly his humour, and his rapport with Sam (Shia LaBeouf). These elements are exactly what we need to see in his solo movie. We need a really funny script for this film to really carve out its own part in the Transformers franchise.

The script for Bumblebee seems to be in good hands; the relatively new scribe, Christina Hodson, is the one putting pen to paper. Hodson is a sought-after writer, even though she only has two scripts to her name so far (Shut In, Unforgettable). It's great to see some diversity in the male-dominated field of blockbuster writing. Paramount Pictures must already be impressed with efforts, as she's already helping out with the Transformers 6! Christina Hodson certainly seems like a name to keep an eye on in the action movie field.

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I think we may see an increase in quality from the Transformers movies in the future. The Last Knight is looking like the best movie since the first, and the exciting news surrounding Bumblebee gives the franchise a burst of hope for the future.

I'd love to know what other spin-offs you guys would like to see from the Transformers franchise, Let me know in the comments!


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