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Despite all the criticism directed at the Transformers films, the franchise is an astounding success, consisting of five movies with a combined worldwide gross of over $3 billion. With such success, Paramount is naturally eager to start expanding the world, and the studio is already taking the necessary steps to make that a reality.

Last year, it was officially announced the first standalone adventure in the franchise would be centered around Bumblebee, the lovable Transformer who communicates through radio transmissions.

[Credit: Paramount]
[Credit: Paramount]

Paramount has kept the project close to the chest, as there's very little we know about it, other than Travis Knight (Kubo and the Two Strings) is directing it, its release date, and the fact that it will be a prequel to 2007's . But we finally got our first visual look at the spinoff.

'The Bumblebee Movie's Official Logo

The website Transformers World 2005 discovered Hasbro submitted a logo application for the movie on Saturday, May 13. Take a look at it:

[Credit: Paramount]
[Credit: Paramount]

The logo is quite simple, but there is a clever detail to pick up from it, as it's a bumblebee with a combination of organic and mechanical features, fitting for a Transformer. Admittedly, a logo is not much to go by, but it's an exciting tease for a movie that's slowly but surely taking shape.

Ever since its announcement, there has been a lot of doubt surrounding this project, as people are not sure how exactly a solo film set in the vast Transformers universe could work story-wise or find success at the box office—or if anyone cares enough about Bumblebee to make a solo film a success. Hopefully Bumblebee's spinoff shapes up to be something special that manages to surprise us and make us excited for the future of the franchise.

The spinoff is set to roll into theaters on June 18, 2018. But worry not, you'll get to see the character and his friends sooner in this year's , so take a look at the trailer:

Do you like the new official logo for Bumblebee? Do you think his film will work? Let me know in the comments!


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