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Transformers: The Last Knight will explore a past that we viewers don't yet know about these extraterrestrial robots — that they've been on Earth for a long, long time. "It started as legend, but every legend has a secret," says Anthony Hopkins' Sir Edmund Burton in the new teaser.

From this latest TV Spot, our glimpse into the past includes robot samurais from medieval Japan and even Transformers fighting Nazis in WWII:

Transformers Have Been Here All Along

It seems the Transformers have been right beside us throughout humanity's long history. The teaser shows us glimpses of Transformers intervening in Neil Armstrong's 1969 moon landing and in sixteenth century England during Queen Elizabeth I's rule.

There are also paintings and propaganda posters on the wall of Burton's office depicting Transformers aiding in several wars. One of the wars looks to be the French Revolution or the American Revolutionary War. There are even Transformers in full battle gear aiding the Allies in the first World War. The framed pictures on Burton's wall include Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Queen Elizabeth II, Winston Churchill and Albert Einstein.

In this universe, the Transformers have been aiding humanity in all its phases. They have been here forever in the shadows to protect Earth from what was destined to arrive when Transformers: The Last Knight hits theaters June 21.

Update: In the meantime, if the tease of Transformers fighting Nazis left you craving some WWII autobot action, then this new The Last Knight poster is exactly what you need...

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