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Just because the fifth Transformers movie is called The Last Knight doesn't mean it's the last movie in the franchise. Far from it. As he famously stated back in April, director Michael Bay said that Paramount has a whopping 14 films already written for the future of the Transformers series. How that’s even possible when we just recently reached that number within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I have no idea.

However, if Bay is involved, anything is possible. After all, in 2011 we were originally under the impression that Bay was done with the series the third one. Six years later, he’s directed not one, but two more Transformers movies. For all intents and purposes, it's entirely possible that all 14 of these films will get made. Since Bumblebee, War for Cybertron and the Transformers/G.I. Joe crossover are either in production or discussion, we're going to leave those projects off this list. Here are 10 possibilities for the future of the Transformers series. WARNING: Spoilers below!

1. The Unicron Trilogy

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

As we recently learned in Transformers: The Last Knight, the planet Earth is actually a dormant Unicron deep in sleep, and the Cybertronian sorceress Quintessa wants to drain its energy to rebuild Cybertron.

For those of you that don’t know, Unicron is a gigantic, badass robot that transforms into a freaking planet as his alternate form. The introduction of Unicron is something fans have long waited for in the live-action universe, and since he was finally referenced in the fifth movie, the possibilities of where the franchise can incorporate him are endless.

It should be noted that when Unicron was adapted into animated form, his saga was so expansive that it was dubbed the Unicron Trilogy, with the three parts being titled “Aramada," “Energon” and “Cybertron.” If adapted for film, it’s not a stretch to see this story as potentially taking up the place of three movies. Hell, The Last Knight could be part one for all we know.

2. Beast Wars

In 1996, another animated series was released after the Unicron Trilogy called Beast Wars, which crash-landed the robots on a hostile planet filled with wildlife and poisonous deposits of energon, forcing them to adapt by transforming into animals for their alternate forms. The Autobots and the Decepticons are re-branded as the Maximals and the Predacons, lead by Optimus Primal and Beast Megatron, who now transform into a gorilla and Tyrannosaurus Rex respectively.

Is it unlikely that the movies might lead into the Beast Wars saga? Absolutely. However, Paramount finally adapted the Dinobots for 2014’s Age of Extinction. It isn’t much of a stretch to think they’ll eventually tap into Beast Wars.

3. Five Faces Of Darkness

'Transformers: The Movie' [Credit: 	De Laurentiis Entertainment Group]
'Transformers: The Movie' [Credit: De Laurentiis Entertainment Group]

If you’ve ever seen the 1986 Transformers animated movie, you’ll remember a scene involving a five-faced robot that worked as judge, jury and executioner, sentencing the accused to doom upon ruling them “innocent.” Those faces are the Quintessons, and they are a multiple-personalitied villain that served as an unpredictable antagonist during the “Five Faces of Darkness” arc in the cartoon.

It should be noted that the similar-sounding villain Quintessa from Transformers: The Last Knight is not from the television show or the comics. In both iterations, Quintessa is the planet that the Quintessons live on, not a character of her own. Considering she/it has been updated into a new form in The Last Knight, it’s highly possible to see the Quintessons appear in some form in future Transformers sequels.

4. The Underbase Saga

[Credit: markerguru via Deviantart]
[Credit: markerguru via Deviantart]

Just like with the cartoons and comic books, the Transformers movies have a overwhelming amount of characters, oftentimes too many to adequately remember. With all of these characters at our disposal, there’s only one appropriate thing to do: kill them all.

Originally introduced in the Generation One of Marvel Comics, the Underbase Saga follows the Transformers as they’re pursuing the Underbase, a super database of knowledge that doubles as a massive power source for the Transformers. With Starscream ultimately claiming it for himself, the conflict ends with Starscream and the Decepticons wiping out masses of Autobots. Think of the robot version of the invasion of Normandy sequence in Saving Private Ryan and you’ve got a good idea of what Underbase looks like.

Obviously, with Starscream being killed in Dark of the Moon’s climax, it’s unlikely that he’ll return in the sequels to possess the Underbase and eviscerate the Transformers. However, with the more recent films including villains such as Megatron, Lockdown and Quintessa, it’s possible to imbue any of these villains with the Underbase, therefore giving fans the on-screen robot slaughterfest they’ve always desired.

Speaking of Megatron:

5. All Hail Megatron

In the IDW Publishing Line of Transformers comics, there is an arc titled “All Hail Megatron!” In this storyline, the Decepticons have dominated planet Earth, Megatron rules with an iron fist, Optimus Prime is in critical state of health and the Autobots believe there is a traitor among their ranks. Basically your typical murder-mystery, but with Transformers.

What would make this story so interesting if put on film is that it would unite the humans and the Autobots against an empowered Decepticon army. The more recent films have pitted humankind and the Autobots against each other in slightly interesting ways, but that relationship keeps getting drowned out in the midst of mindless action and explosions. Slowing down to show the humans and Autobots trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic Decepticon-ruled Earth would be an interesting exploration between the two race’s relationship, and might finally put an end to their long, unnecessary conflict.

6. Target: 2006

Taking the epic meter and dialing it up to 11, "Target: 2006" is considered by many to be one of the best Transformers stories ever put on page. A prelude to the “Space Pirates” and “Time Wars” saga, “Target: 2006” demonstrates an epic showdown between Optimus Prime’s chief lieutenant Ultra Magnus and an empowered Galvatron, with their battle taking place over the course of multiple chapters.

At this point, the Transformers movies like to make a habit of going big or going home. If they went big with the Target: 2006 story arc, there might not even be an Earth left to fight on when Ultra Magnus and Galvatron are done with their battle. The movie series hasn't even included Ultra Magnus yet, so this might be the perfect opportunity to introduce him into the fold and effectively take the series in a new direction.

7. Time Wars

'The Transformers' [Credit: Marvel Comics]
'The Transformers' [Credit: Marvel Comics]

How do you reinvigorate a franchise and make it feel new again? By throwing time into it, that’s how. In the “Time Wars” saga of the comic books, the past Megatron and future Galvatron team up to take control of time itself, wiping out their enemies and ruling the universe for the rest of time. In a rare case of alliance, the Autobots and the Decepticons team up to stop the two Megatrons and reassemble time from the damage that they caused.

With how muddled the plots have gotten in the more recent films, an adaptation of Time Wars could work well in Transformers' favor as a soft reboot for the franchise. After all, it worked very well for Star Trek and X-Men; it could do Transformers some good as well.

8. Last Stand Of The Wreckers

'Transformers: Sins of the Wreckers' [Credit: IDW Publishing]
'Transformers: Sins of the Wreckers' [Credit: IDW Publishing]

First making their cinematic appearance in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, the Wreckers are a crew of the most hardened, ruthless, violent Autobot warriors; fighters first, heroes second. The comic book Last Stand of the Wreckers finds them infiltrating Garrus-9, a former Decepticon prison-turned-stronghold so decrepit that even Megatron distances himself from it.

What follows is a violent, deadly, casualty-driven story looking at morality and ethics and questioning if such things can exist in war. Popularized for the dark areas that it takes its characters, Last Stand of the Wreckers features none of the series’ key characters, yet it has been repeatedly praised as the series’ best storyline. A spin-off adapting this story would be the perfect companion piece to the main film series.

What do you guys think? Are you excited for more Transformers sequels? Is there a story you want to see put on film? Let us know in the comments below!


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