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Remember when Michael Bay said he was done with the Transformers movies after Transformers: Age of Extinction? Fast-forward a couple years later and we are receiving a fifth film from Michael Bay. While some of the trailers and advertising looked somewhat promising, most fans had to keep their expectations sealed away in a box. Now, the embargo has been lifted and critics are having a ton of fun roasting this movie to ashes. Here's what they had to say:

It's The Worst Transformers Movie Yet (And That's Saying Something!)

'Transformers: The Last Knight' [Credit: Paramount Pictures]
'Transformers: The Last Knight' [Credit: Paramount Pictures]

Fans were hoping that would have a similar reception to Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales or Cars 3, where the general opinion is the movie is the best one since the original and is at least decently entertaining. Ironically, Transformers: The Last Knight is the complete opposite of that! The movie has a laughable 16 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and it appears that this might be the worst installment yet.

Scott Mendleson from Forbes says that this may be the worst and last movie of the franchise, even though there are rumblings that we will receive many more Transformers films in the near future.

Be it due to the film being it sacrificed to the gods of cinematic universe worldbuilding or merely the result of a filmmaker with nothing left to offer in this sandbox, this is the first Transformers picture that feels like it was made on an assembly line.

Transformers: The Last Knight may see itself as the Fast Five of the franchise, but it ends up resembling Saw V. Game over.

In fact, the newest Transformers movie is far worse than just the worst of the five atrocious films in the franchise. Rafer Guzmán from Newsday boldly stated that The Last Knight may be the summer's worst film yet, even worse than other flops like The Mummy.

The fifth film based on Hasbro’s automobile-robot toys and cartoons is virtually indistinguishable from the aforementioned movies, and it fails for the same reasons they did: more CGI than story, more action than character, more money than heart. The new “Transformers” may be this season’s loudest, longest and dullest extravaganza yet.

Even further than the worst movie of the summer, some critics are saying this is one of the worst blockbusters of all-time. Frank Sweitek from One Guy's Opinion couldn't agree with that statement more, and in his review, he said that Paramount Pictures wasted $200 million.

Megatrash as only Bay can make it, this represents some of the most inane drivel ever to (dis)grace the screen—and an obscene waste of money to boot. (The turkey cost more than $200 million, not counting marketing expenses.)

"Anyone Capable Of Explaining The Near-Incomprehensible Storyline Deserves A Prize Of Some Sort"

'Transformers: The Last Knight' [Credit: Paramount Pictures]
'Transformers: The Last Knight' [Credit: Paramount Pictures]

I am totally aware that people aren't rushing out to see a Transformers movie to be blown away by its plot. Having said that, when a movie is so bad that you can't even comprehend what is happening on screen, it's an issue. Frank Scheck from The Hollywood Reporter didn't fail to acknowledge how much he wasn't a fan of the movie, especially regarding the plot and storyline.

This profitable franchise has not exactly enjoyed critical praise since its first installment in 2007, and Transformers: The Last Knight is unlikely to change that. But bad reviews are unlikely to dissuade the series’ fans, who enjoy seeing lots of things blown up, with director Michael Bay once again happy to oblige. That the film required no less than six editors doesn't come as a surprise.

Anyone capable of explaining the near-incomprehensible storyline deserves a prize of some sort. Suffice it to say that the world is very much in peril; there are lots of large-scale battles involving robots good and bad; and Mark Wahlberg, who returns after making his first appearance in 2014’s Transformers: Age of Extinction, hasn’t forgone his rigorous exercise routine.

Matt Singer from Screen Crush is blatantly bashing on the newest summer blockbuster as well for its incoherent plot, stating that you would have to be a genius to figure out the storyline and trace the character arcs.

You would think that after five attempts, Michael Bay would eventually figure out how to make a coherent Transformers movie. Apparently not. I challenge anyone — including this film’s four writers — to explain the story of Transformers: The Last Knight, how the characters get from point A to point B, and why any of it matters. I maintain that it cannot be done. Either this movie is dumb or I am.

Lastly, Alonso Duralde from The Wrap told the small percentage of fans of the last few Transformers that if they enjoyed all of the nonsensical pacing and editing, out-of-place comedy scenes, and overall confusion, they are going to have an absolute blast with The Last Knight.

There are a few action sequences of shocking coherence in “Transformers: The Last Knight,” the fifth of Michael Bay’s clang-clang-clang-went-the-robot adventures, but fear not, fans of the franchise: if you’re here for the director’s trademark chaos editing (where fights go from points A to D to Q), toxic masculinity (and female objectification), comedy scenes rendered tragic (and vice versa), and general full-volume confusion, you’ll get all those things in abundance.

"A Script Can Only Process What’s Happening On-Screen In Onomatopoeia"

'Transformers: The Last Knight' [Credit: Paramount Pictures]
'Transformers: The Last Knight' [Credit: Paramount Pictures]

Most people hate on the Transformers movies due to their extensive action sequences and explosions, along with the fact that these movies have no substance. While the trailers looked really neat and different, critics are telling us that the fifth movie only exaggerates the bad traits represented in the previous three sequels. Leah Greenblatt from Entertainment Weekly said that the script is probably so horrendous because 80 percent of it is written in onomatopoeia.

Monster metal, mass destruction, Anthony Hopkins saying ‘dude.’ This is your brain on Michael Bay — a cortex scramble so amped on pyro and noise and brawling cyborgs it can only process what’s happening on screen in onomatopoeia: Clang! Pew-pew! Kablooey! (Which, to be fair, does cover about 80 percent of the script.)

Last but certainly not least, Megan Farokhmanesh from The Verge seems to describe Transformers: The Last Knight in the perfect way.

Even at its best, The Last Knight feels like a series of action scenes wrapped up together in a thinly stretched narrative. The characters are always in some sort of mortal peril, whether they’re being shot at, nearly getting crushed by errant bots, or on a free fall collision course with solid ground. Everyone has one-liners ready to go, though a lot of them are cringeworthy.

In the end, critics are bashing Transformers: The Last Knight harder than ever before. The fifth installment in the cringe-worthy franchise is being called the worst one yet. While I haven't had the chance to check out the movie yet, I don't believe this movie is worth seeing unless you've already seen everything else twice.


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