ByAbi Toll, writer at
Abi Toll

Some The Walking Dead fiend with a gift for slashing up video clips has bestowed this Halloween treat to the 'Official Comedy YouTube channel' for all of us to revel in its hilarious horror.

We have Giant Freaking robot to thank for bringing this The Walking Dead sing-along smash hit into our lives. The video is a mash up of clips from the show’s characters singing along with a re-imagining of Boris Pickett’s original lyrics to retro classic 'Monster Mash' from 1962 to fit The Walking Dead storyline.


Just for additional laughs, Giant Freaking Robot thought they'd also treat us to:

A montage of Marty McFly hollering and saying 'Oh shit!' in the Back to the Future series.


What with last weeks episode of The Walking Dead to have reportedly pulled in an astounding 13 million viewers, I think that this Monster Mash sing- along could endear a few more to the gory dark side, don't you?



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