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Fans of the universe likely know that the movies got delightfully worse with each release. But you’ll be happy to know that Tremors 4: The Legend Begins could have been way worse, had the series' star Michael Gross got his wacky way.

Gross — who plays gun-nut Burt Gummer in each of the movies plus the short-lived TV spinoff — has revealed to Absolute Movie Chat that he originally wanted to play Burt’s great-grandmother, instead of his great-grandfather Hiram in the fourth movie.

Before you go any further, hop on over to Univeral Studio’s Facebook page and just say thank you for not OK'ing that idea. Go on, I’ll wait until you get back.

Here’s the snippet from Gross's interview where he answers the question about his memorable moments from filming Tremors:

"In Tremors 4, I played my own great-grandfather, Hirum Gummer. But I had pitched – unsuccessfully I might add – that I play my great-grandmother, meaning that Burt had acquired his tough no-nonsense quality from the female side of the family, not the male side.

"So I imagined Burt’s great-grandfather as a diminutive, unassertive man who had sent away for a bride, but the creature who emerged from the stagecoach was this ungainly six-foot plus female who was as tough and assertive as he was reticent, the joke being that Burt had actually acquired his testosterone from a female ancestor. I begged the producers to let me play my own great-grandmother."

Let’s hope Gross doesn’t have any more of those bright ideas for Tremors 6, which is set for straight-to-video release on January 30, 2018. Jamie Kennedy will co-star.

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