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Inevitably, the win of an Oscar will lead to plenty more opportunities for the lucky recipient, because nothing sells quite like putting "Academy Award winning" before the name of a movie or an actor. So when tiny-budget movie took home Best Picture this year, it suddenly propelled its cast to the front of the stage they were almost denied.

While , with another win for Best Supporting Actor, is already the most famous one of the bunch, there's so much talent present in Moonlight that it's just a matter of time until each of the actors gets their well-deserved exposure. , who impressively started his acting career with Moonlight, might just get propelled straight into a superhero blockbuster.

Could Trevante Rhodes Be Starring In The Next 'Green Lantern' Movie?

While the name of used to be taboo in Hollywood after that mess of a movie that almost killed Ryan Reynolds's superhero career, fans rejoiced at the news that there'd be a new attempt at bringing the comic to the big screen. Titled Green Lantern Corps, this adaptation will focus on two Green Lanterns, Hal Jordan and John Stewart, the latter being the first African-American superhero in DC Comics.

Ever since he appeared in Moonlight, Rhodes's name has been a favorite of fan castings and rumors for the role of Stewart, so obviously he was questioned about it on the red carpet.

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Asked whether he'd like to ever play a superhero, Rhodes said he'd love to:

"That's everybody's dream, whenever you're a child, you're like 'I wanna be a superhero, I wanna be a superhero,' so in that regard, That is something that's really enticing, but more so because it puts my face in front of more people, who will want to [then] come and see a movie, like Moonlight, that I really care about."

So, no real interest? Though he might sound like a superhero movie wouldn't be his number one project, when the reporter specifically asks about Green Lantern his expression changes — the giddy excitement of someone who's got an exciting role coming up but isn't allowed to talk about.

[Credit: MTV News]
[Credit: MTV News]

One thing's for sure, he's got the physique for the spandex superhero outfit.

Would you like to see Trevante Rhodes play John Stewart? Who else would you cast in the movie?


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