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They'll never do it, they said.

It'll just cost too darn much to film Rick without a hand, they said.

But, as Negan would say (and get censored for) right now, “Holy f*cking f*ck that was close!”

Someone ALMOST lost an arm in the premiere episode of , only it wasn't Rick. Carl damn near lost another body part!

The dude was seriously almost without one eye AND one arm. Holy close calls, Batman.

The title kind of kills the point of saying this, but still, here's your warning to turn back now:

Rick's Right Hand Lives To See Another Day

So, we finally know who died in the Season 7 premiere of :

Glenn & Abraham...bummer, dudes.

And sure, that's sad and all. BUT RICK DIDN'T LOSE HIS HAND! Seeing Negan almost force Rick to cut Carl's arm off was just about as freaky as the time Hershel lost his leg, and would have been nearly as sad as the time Papa Greene lost his head.

hashtag sadface
hashtag sadface

So while everyone else is grieving over Rick's right hand men, I decided to put a tribute together for Rick's actual right hand - which, if you read the comics, you know it's probably not long for this world.

Read About Another Unlikely TWD Pint-Sized Hero:

Remember That Time Rick Grimes' Right Hand...

Got all philosophical?

Disabled Gareth's left hand?

And then dispatched the rest of him singlehandedly**

(**sorry, had to)

Went postal on an entire town?

Became jury, judge, and executioner?

Even try to cut off his weak brother, Leftie?

Helped Rick make his first post-apocalyptic non-walker kill, and made it look like he could do it with one hand tied behind his back**?

(**sorry not sorry again)

Pulled this ninja crap off, and then made Rick blame Shane for it?

And for the finale, the time Rick's RH killed this guy so stealthily, so quickly, that even Rick Grimes was all like “What?” after it was all over.

Thank goodness you lived to see another day, Rick's right hand. You would be sorely missed if you went away.

And Rick would be the most sore.

And he'd miss you a lot more than anyone else would.

Except maybe Michonne.

And—never mind.

R.I.P. to these "Who Did Negan Kill?" theories:

What other of Rick's body parts do YOU think are this badass? Talk about them in the comments! But please, try and keep it as dirty as possible.


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