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Edit: This post originally referred to a video discussing James Gunn's previous involvement with the Tron franchise, but has since been found to be false. James Gunn has also taken to Facebook to state that he is not involved in an upcoming Tron movie.

The third installment in the franchise has had a turbulent journey, to say the least, but hints across the internet over the past two weeks suggest that Disney's life on the grid has been renewed — with involvement from Marvel's fan favorite director James Gunn, no less.

Our first tease came from the official Tron Facebook page, where the sign for Flynn's Arcade — the video game arcade that is home to the entrance of the grid — was shared, along with an all-too-brief message that simply said: "Welcome back."

However, this wasn't the only sign that we could be revisiting the Tron franchise in the near future. Guardians of the Galaxy director Gunn also shared an Instagram post, suggesting that he might be looking into revitalizing the movie, formally known as Tron: Ascension.

As you can see, in typical Guardians fashion, Gunn decided to be playful with his fans, calling the appearance of a Tron light cycle in his conference room mysterious. Could it be that due to the success of Guardians, Gunn has now been entrusted with another passion project?

This makes perfect sense, as Disney made a huge effort to turn Tron into its next major franchise back in 2010. The movie starring Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund may have fallen short of expectations at the time, but some of Disney's developments alongside the classic title can still be enjoyed, most notably with the Tron rollercoaster in Shanghai .

Originally, Tron 3 was intended to be titled Tron: Ascension. However, with a fresh look at things to come and Gunn likely back on board, all bets are off as to what it could be called. More importantly, these developments should get fans speculating as to where the next addition to the franchise will take us, especially now that Quorra (Wilde) has left the grid and entered the real world.

To help jog your memory, check out the trailer below for 2010's Tron: Legacy. Do you think James Gunn will helm Tron 3, or is this just wishful thinking? Let us know your speculations in the comments below

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