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After waiting over twenty years for it, some of us fans were left pretty undecided on Tron: Legacy once it finally arrived. It was an entertaining flick with awesome visuals and a crazy-good soundtrack from Daft Punk, but - let's face it - it could've been a lot better.

Writer just opened up about all the hate or - as he graciouly puts it - the "mixed reception". It sounds as though he has taken those complaints seriously, but tried not to forget why he signed up for Tron: Legacy in the first place. Talking to Forbes, Horowitz commented:

Every movie gets a mixed reception to some extent. And whatever the critics said or didn't say, we were very humbled by the praise and humbled by the criticisms. But, what really meant the most to me is, and I remember this very fondly, which was opening weekend of the movie, driving over to Burbank and going into one of the theaters in there that was packed and seeing kids who were my age, when I saw the original Tron, staring up at the light jets. And like that's all I needed - because that was like I got to see myself in that audience.

As for the sequel, TRON 3, we learned yesterday that Horowitz and his talented team are still moving along with it, so watch this space!

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