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Almost 30 years after was released, Disney was looking to revive the property and create an entirely new successful franchise with it. That resulted in Tron: Legacy in 2010. Unfortunately the film didn't live up to its financial expectations, earning $400 million worldwide on a $170 million budget.

'Tron: Legacy' [Credit: Disney]
'Tron: Legacy' [Credit: Disney]


That left the franchise in a state of limbo. But after years of uncertainty, was officially greenlit by ...and then Disney pulled the plug on it in May of 2015. However, our hopes were lifted this month when the director of Legacy, Joseph Krosinski, revealed this about the state of the sequel:

"I guess I can say that 'Tron 3' is in cryogenic freeze. So, it’s there. It’s not dead. It’s alive, but it’s sitting there, waiting for the right time to move forward."

Well, it looks like now's the right time. Get your battle discs ready, everyone, because Disney is working on a reboot of the franchise, and they want Joker himself, , to be part of it.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that Disney is working on a new version of Tron. While the project is still in very early development, the studio is eyeing Leto to star in it. As of now, there are no writers or director attached to the reboot, but Justin Springer (co-producer of Tron: Legacy) is producing. Furthermore, if things do end up coming together, Jared Leto and his producing partner, Emma Ludbrook, will also act as producers.

Interestingly enough, when the plug was pulled on the Tron threequel back in 2015, rumors had briefly swirled that one of the reasons for its cancellation was that Disney had wanted Leto in the film but they failed to reach a deal. Disney is known for its long game; it has a track record of being willing to wait for the actor or actress it wants most before moving ahead with a project—just look at Benedict Cumberbatch and Doctor Strange, for example. So it's entirely possible that they've been quietly working on it for the last few years. This is further evidenced by more details provided by THR:

Sources say this new project is not a direct sequel and is being built out of the source code of the deleted Tron 3 script. Leto would play a character named Ares, who has not appeared on screen before but was a key player in that script.

Because it's still early in the development process, it's hard to say what the new film will be about, other than that it's being built upon the ashes of an old script (as is often the case). Tron: Legacy left in a very interesting cliffhanger, as we expected its sequel to explore Quorra's role in the real world and her and Sam's search for the legendary Kevin Flynn. But it could be as much a spinoff as a continuation, judging from what little we know.

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It's a good idea for Disney to start fresh. Tron is a franchise with a world full of potential, so reviving it for a younger, more blockbuster-oriented generation will most likely result in success for the studio. And with Jared Leto, an actor who may just have the star power to anchor a franchise: He has a following thanks to his roles in cult films and fans now know him as our current in the DCEU.

As for who will direct it, it's anyone's guess right now, but back in 2016, James Gunn posted this teasing pic:

Of course, that very well could have just been geeking out over getting to touch the Tron cycle, but the internet being the internet, it ran wild with speculation for a while. So we'll have to wait and see if that meant anything.

Are you excited to see Jared Leto take on Tron? Do you think the film will retell the story of the Flynn family or explore uncharted territory? Let me know in the comments!

[Source: THR]


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