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TVLine has learned that Fox's breakhout hit Sleepy Hollow is set to get a dose of bourgeois conceit in the form of a new adversary for protagonist Ichabod Crane.

, noted for is turn as Franklin Mott on HBO's True Blood, and other aristocratic, arrogant characters, will be appearing in several episodes of the show as Rutledge, a nobleman who will cause problems for Ichabod when he starts to question Ichabod's false identity as a "visiting Oxford professor." As he pries into Ichabod's past, it is revealed that Rutledge also harbors a secret that could change the course of Ichabod's future.

Along with True Blood, Frain has a slew of other credits to his name, including stints on Grimm, The White Queen, Burn Notice, 24 and The Tudors.

He's joining the cast at the right time, too: Sleepy Hollow debuted as Fox's best fall drama in seven years.

It airs Mondays on Fox at 9/8 CST.

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