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Mark Newton

It's embarrassing enough getting turned away from any nightclub, but it's even worse when it's caught on video and then sent around the internet to be commented on by losers like me.

Poor old of True Blood fame was out having a good time on Oscar night. He'd just been to Elton John's annual Academy Award viewing party, before heading off to the exclusive Vanity Fair gala. However, he seems to have some hard luck when he tried to get into West Hollywood hotspot, Craig's. Despite pleading his case for several minutes, he was eventually turned away. I can only assume he then did what I do after getting turned away from a club: Eat a bucket of fried chicken before drinking a sixpack of Natty Ice on the steps of a museum. Check out the video below:

(via TMZ)

Just out of interest, he wasn't invited to our Moviepilot Oscars party either, but then again neither were any of the big Hollywood stars. Now that IS exclusive.

Would you invite him to your Oscars party? Let us know below.


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