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True Blood star has made a career by acting beside people dressed as various ghouls and ghosts, however a recent journey to a 'haunted' winery has left her thinking she saw the real thing.

Anapau, who plays the fairy Maurella in HBO's vampire series, claims she saw a ghost while filming her new film, Sighting. While relaxing between takes she went for a lie-down and (allegedly) met an apparition. She told WENN:

The winery that we shot at is said to be haunted for real... We were filming in an old house on the property and I was feeling really tired whenever I was in this house. I couldn't understand why. While they were doing one of the set-ups, I went into one of the bedrooms that wasn't being used to lay down.

I felt like I was floating and I looked around and I did see the golden outline of a female and I started communicating telepathically. It was all super-positive. She was upset that people were in her place and she moved about the room and I said, 'Why don't you just stay in here. They're (members of the film crew) not in here.

Apparently, a call from the set freed her from her telepathic ghost link, but before she could go back to work she had some investigating to do. She added:

We had ghost monitors on set that measure electro-magnetic frequencies and I said to the prop guy, 'Are they real or are they just props?' He said they were real and I said, 'Bring one in here a second,' and we stood in the doorway and it was at zero and I said, 'Let's walk over there...' to where I saw the outline, and the thing (machine) just spiked to the other side. I told him what I thought I'd seen and his eyes got really wide. He kinda freaked out.

Luckily for Anapau, the whole experience left her feeling elated for the rest of the day:

I felt so great and light and happy after that. It was a great experience. I walked out and I knew what everyone was feeling and was able to speak to them accordingly.

Oooo spooky, right? Well, only if you believe this kind of stuff. As you might have guessed from my sneering, cynical tone, I don't. I'm not saying she's lying, merely that it could just as likely be the results of a sleep paralysis induced hallucination. I get them all the time. Or maybe she had just been at some left over (extremely vintage) wine. What do you think? Do you believe she saw a real, full blown ghost? Let us know below.


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