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The Super Bowl is known for its hilarious, no expense spared, celebrity-infused commercials. And Time Warner Cable's 2014 ad, which premiered at the Sunday Super Bowl, is certainly no exception.

Anna Paquin and her co-star and real life husband Stephen Moyer starred as their on-screen True Blood characters Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton in the commercial, as P. Diddy takes the awesome vamps on a tour around the warehouse where they run into a whole host of other slebs.

Joining the on and off-screen lovebirds in the commercial are Jon Voight, Liev Schreiber, Drake, and the Duck Dynasty crew, among others. How's this for a bit of star-studded glamour?


True Blood Season 7 kicks off with an episode directed by Stephen Moyer in June, which marks the beginning of the end for the residents of Bon Temps. Are you excited to see Sookie, Bill and the others return to our small screens this year?

True Blood's Season 7 is due to air on HBO in June 2014.

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