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The case of Amanda Knox has kept the world riveted for nine long years, including her being found guilty, spending two years in prison, being acquitted, being found guilty again, before finally being exculpated by the Italian supreme court last year. Watch the bone-chilling trailer below:

The Netflix original rested upon the classic Hitchcockian conceit of the wrong man wrongly accused and had two villains in the form of hyperbolic reporter Nick Pisa and misogynist prosecutor Giuliano Mignini. With just under 12 million hits on Google, the Knox case also attracted some of the worst and creepiest people on the internet. It is sure to be a hit when awards season comes around.

However, if Amanda's knot your cup of tea, there are plenty of other true stories to satiate your desire for real, salacious crimes. Here at Movie Pilot we have collected ten more stories you can watch with your loved ones and subsequently debate with for hours and hours on end.

1. O.J. Simpson: Made In America

This 8 hour epic not only focuses on the crime and subsequent case that made O.J. win the 90s, but also deepens its scope to focus on his entire life and see it in the context of what it means to be black (and famous) in America. Currently sporting an insane 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Not bad for a twenty year old case.

2. American Crime Story: The People v. O. J. Simpson

Can you ever have enough O.J. Simpson? It appears not. Just in case an eight hour documentary about O.J. wasn't enough, there is also a ten episode mini-series tackling the particulars of the case. With David Schwimmer as defense lawyer Robert Kardashian (father of Kim, Khloe and the others) and Sarah Paulson as prosector Marcia Clark, this Emmy-dominating anthology is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

3. The Jinx

This TV series has an amazing history behind it. In 2010 Andrew Jarecki made a film called All Good Things, starring Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst, telling the story of accused murderer Robert Durst. Durst, having seen the movie, agreed to be interviewed by the director, and they sat down for 20 hours of interviews, upon which this mini-series was based. Twisting and turning right until the very end, the finale has been described as "one of the most jaw-dropping moments in television history".

Remarkably, the evidence uncovered by this TV series led to the suspect being arrested by police the day after the finale aired.

4. Making A Murderer

Knox may have been set free, but for some, they don't get so lucky. Despite the immense coverage Making A Murderer had, including a 100,000 plus strong petition to the President to let Stephen Avery go, he still, as of this moment, remains locked up in prison. Wrongfully convicted in 1985, he served 18 years of a 32 year sentence until DNA evidence exonerated him. Sadly for this guy, he went back to prison after being arrested again for a separate charge. Find out by watching the Netflix original now.

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5. In Cold Blood

Based upon the book by Truman Capote which pioneered the concept of the non-fiction novel, upon which non-fictional events are written in a novelistic way, In Cold Blood may be a feature film, but its documentary-like approach, with its austere black-and-white and lack of flashy cinematic tricks, makes it feel like the real thing. Reconstructing the grisly murders of the Herbert Clutter family, in the small town of Kansas, and the subsequent arrest and trial of those responsible, In Cold Blood is the film that really kicked it all off.

6. Serial

Perfect for those long train-rides into work, this innovate non-fiction podcast takes on a new true crime story each season. Narrated by investigative journalist Sarah Koenig, it has proved insanely popular, with season one totalling up a massive 80 million downloads. With season 1 taking on the death of a Baltimore resident in 1999, season 2 changed tack and depicted the story of a suspected deserter from the American army.

7. The Thin Blue Line

Consistently voted as one of the best documentaries ever made, it is credited as being an immense influence on the landscape of non-fiction storytelling. Directed by Errol Morris, its use of expressionistic reconstructions in order to illuminate the case of Randall Dale Adams, a man who claims he was wrongfully convicted, has changed the way that true crime stories on TV and film have been told.

After watching the film, Adams case was reviewed and he was released from prison a year later.

8. True Crimes (Upcoming)

Based on the eponymous New Yorker article, True Crimes will star Jim Carrey (star of hilarious true crime story I Love You Philip Morris) and Charlotte Gainsbourg. It purports to depict the case surrounding the murder of Polish man Dariusz Janiszewski, and the fact it matches an eerily similar crime written in a novel. Filming has been wrapped and the movie will premier at the Warsaw Film Festival on the 12th of October. Let's see if by then if its worthy to be on this list.

9. Into The Abyss

Not for the faint of heart, Into The Abyss sees German auteur Werner Herzog heard into Death Row to interview those waiting to die. Not one to take sides on the issue of guilt or innocence, Herzog instead chooses to indict what is ultimately an inhuman system which disproportionately affects the poorest rung of society. He interviewed five inmates, but decided to hone in one in particular. Those other interviews can be found on the mini-series On Death Row.

10. Louis Theroux - Saville

Airing on the BBC just last Sunday, this documentary is a follow up to Theroux's iconic When Louis Met Saville in which he got ever-so-close to getting Saville to admit he was a pedophile but let the awful man slide out of his grasp. Now he returns to see where he went wrong. This is admittedly one of the most depressing true crime docs on the list, due to the way it seemed so obvious at the time that Saville was engaged in such horrific abuse, yet he got away with it right up until his death. Sometimes in real life, the bad guys win.


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