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The Matrix is a film that has uploaded itself into the firmware of popular culture, a film that introduced an alternate version of reality, where existence is an elaborate, computer-generated simulation. The film follows protagonist Neo (Keanu Reeves), a SIM who discovers the true, sombre nature of reality, a discovery that opens him up to endless possibilities and godlike ability.

The first installment of The Matrix Trilogy was released in 1999, and considering its thought provoking nature, you'd be forgiven for thinking all aspects of the franchise have been long unveiled, unpicked and pieced together. But there could be a significant glitch in The Matrix, an integral explanation that was always a lie.

Is there another meaning for 'The Matrix'? [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Is there another meaning for 'The Matrix'? [Credit: Warner Bros.]

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A Theory On The True Nature Of 'The Matrix'

Cast your computer-simulated mind back to a key scene in the original film, when Neo is enlightened to the true nature of things. He talks with Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne), who explains his understanding of reality is false, and that true reality is a dystopian nightmare, where cyber-intelligent machines use humans as an energy supply. simulation is a tool to keep them from discovering the truth. Refresh your mind below:

This explanation for the foundation of the messed-up virtual reality has long gone unquestioned. However, an intricate, in-depth Reddit theory by logoutlater has pulled the cyber-carpet from this long-held belief.

The theory explains the hidden motivation behind the machines use of human power plants, and it's a far cry from energy. But, before we move on, are you prepared for the truth? There are still some blue pills hanging around, somewhere.

So you're ready? Great. Condensed, the theory goes as follows:

  • Humans are a terrible energy source.
  • This means the "power plant" explanation for the Matrix is a lie.
  • The "power plant" explanation is never confirmed, and Morpheus only goes by what he thinks is true.
  • There is another, more sinister meaning for the machine's use of humans.
  • This meaning fixes many plot holes in the trilogy, and explains both Agent Smith's and Neo's actions.

Homo Sapiens Seriously Sap Energy

Neo emerging from a battery pod [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Neo emerging from a battery pod [Credit: Warner Bros.]

*Fun learning alert: This part of the theory discusses thermodynamics — every day is a school day*

First off, the human body would act as an awful power supply. Our bodies are only 25 per cent efficient in translating fuel (food) into energy; while its not possible to get 100 per cent efficiency, most electronic generators create between 60 per cent and 80 per cent efficiency. The machines would actually create more energy by burning the food they feed those living in the pods.

The only answer is Morpheus's explanation for the power plants is a lie. As well as the uselessness of humans as an energy source, the theory highlights that none of the machines away from The Matrix confirm this is true, and away from the simulation, machines have drones and electronic ships that are clearly powered by another source. Basically, Morpheus doesn't know the truth; he too has been deceived.

The True Reason For 'The Matrix'

So what is the jaw-dropping truth that you're crying out to discover? Consciousness. The theory claims that, instead of energy, the machines are cultivating humans for their minds, using them for skills they are unable to muster themselves: the ability to think and be creative.

The theory speculates that in early years, a scientist who created the machines spent years trying to make give them the ability to think freely, but with no success. Eventually, he hooked himself into the machine, sharing his mind with the AI. This led to the AI's becoming super-intelligent, but only by sharing human consciousness.

The Matrix was designed for different reasons [Credit: Warner Bros.]
The Matrix was designed for different reasons [Credit: Warner Bros.]

More evidence to support this includes the bizarre fascination machines have with humans, and in particular the way they think. Although the machines may feel superior, they are fully aware that they couldn't exist with human input, hence the reason for The Matrix — to prevent humans from uprising against the machines by taking back control of their own minds.

The comment from Deus Ex Machina, the central interface of Machine City, also backs this up, when it says "we don't need you! we need nothing!" highlighting that they don't need humans to survive. Indeed without them, they would carry on, but they would lose the ability to think freely and wouldn't take on their own consciousness.

Agent Smith May Know The Truth

The main antagonist of the trilogy, — an AI program tasked with keeping order in The Matrix — detests humans. However, the theory claims that he is one of the few within the true reality who understands that the machines share consciousness, consequently, he knows he wouldn't exist without their assistance. This knowledge allows him to exploit the link, taking control and becoming all powerful.

Agent Smith may know the truth [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Agent Smith may know the truth [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Furthermore, the idea of shared consciousness is illustrated with Smith and other agents, who are able to tap into a perceive what other humans are experiencing within The Matrix via an earpiece.

And This 'Matrix' Theory Explains Neo's Ability

Finally, the machines sharing human consciousness explains how — the chosen one to overthrow The Matrix — can take control of machines when outside of the simulation, as well as the ability to perceive machines while in the city. It also explains how some humans, including Neo, can instinctively access The Matrix; after all, it is an extension of the human mind.

It's a theory with a lot of credibility, plenty of evidence to support it, and even goes as far as clearing up a number of plot holes in the trilogy. But do you think this is the true meaning of The Matrix?

Let us know in the comments below!

(Source: Reddit)


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