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On Friday January 27, 2017, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that completely suspends the US refugee program, indefinitely bans refugees from Syria, and temporarily stops anyone from 7 predominantly Muslim countries from entering the country. This executive order has since been referred to as the “Muslim Ban”, and has been the cause of massive protests all over America.

The executive order was implemented immediately, and caused chaos and confusion in several states across the United States. Many legal immigrants – those who have green cards or visas – were also reportedly detained, and lawyers flocked to their aid in order to get them home. In disbelief and shock, many celebrities took to social media to voice their opinion about Trump’s executive order — and they did not hold back.

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Rihanna is certainly not afraid to say how she feels about Donald Trump and his controversial executive order. Although name-calling is not the best way to get your point across, it's easy to see how someone who came from Barbados to thrive in the United States would be upset that people from other countries are being denied the same opportunities.

Miley Cyrus

Following the signing of the , Lady Liberty became a symbol for those who opposed the executive order on all forms of social media. With a simple picture, Ms. Cyrus lets us know exactly where she stands on the issue, and that’s with Lady Liberty.

Chrissy Tiegen

Much like Rihanna, Chrissy Tiegen went straight for the throat. Like Ms. Tiegen, many Americans believe that Trump’s “Muslim Ban” is based on bigotry, rather than a concern for homeland security. Chrissy Tiegen had the platform to share her contempt to a large audience, so she said how she felt in her heart.

John Legend

John Legend took the peaceful approach, and donated to the International Rescue Committee. The IRC is an organization that aids people all over the world during the worst humanitarian crises. Unlike many of his peers, Legend decided to try and make a difference, rather than lashing out at those responsible for the executive order.

Chloë Grace Moretz

Chloë Grace Moretz is one of many people who felt compelled to voice their general disgust over the “Muslim Ban”. Although a little hyperbolic, her tweet does bring up the larger issue of fear-based decision making in the United States, and how it affects the country at large.

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington’s tweet is a reminder to us all that this is not the first time America has closed its borders to refugees. She gives the name of a Twitter account that brings awareness to the victims of Nazism turned away from America in 1939. I'd highly recommend clicking through to the @Stl_Manifest account — it's as important as it is heartbreaking. If we don’t learn from our history, we are doomed to repeat it.

George Takei

George Takei was once known for playing Hikaru Sulu on Star Trek, but in recent years, he has become best known for being a spokesperson for change and equality. His tweet displays the countries that were included in the immigration ban, and those that allegedly have business ties with Trump

Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum points out that people are fleeing certain countries for safety, and they should not be treated as terrorists.

Ava DuVernay

Ava DuVernay has become one of the most sought-after directors in Hollywood today. Her films 13th, Selma, and Middle of Nowhere have brought her tons of attention, and contain strong messages for change. In her tweet, she speaks of filmmaker, Asghar Farhadi, who would be turned away at the border due to Trump’s executive order.

Debra Messing

Debra Messing is one of the most outspoken celebrities who oppose Trump's presidency. It's no surprise that she would take to Twitter with a tweet that essentially says “I told you so”. Her lashing out at Trump supporters is not the best method of showing maturity or taking the high road, but in any case, politics can be a very emotional subject for people.

Michael Moore

Michael Moore is known for his liberal views and for his revealing documentaries. Although he is not afraid to speak his mind, Moore offers an apology to those whom the “Muslim Ban” affects, and assures them not all Americans share the same views as their President.

Kumail Nanjiani

Kumail Nanjiani is an actor who immigrated from Pakistan when he was 18. He has tweeted a slew of comments over the weekend following the “Muslim Ban”, and each of them comes from a sincere place in his heart.

Kumail did revel in a small victory that came from a Federal Judge in Brooklyn. The Judge offered a stay that protects refugees or visa holders who were detained in U.S. Airports from being deported.

This stay only protects those who were already arrived in the United States and were being detained. As of now, Trump's executive order still stands and America has officially shut its borders to immigrants from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. Until something changes, we can be sure that people will continue voicing their opinions, and Americans will keep fighting for what they think is right.

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