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Whether you are male, or female, or born a different gender than your body was given, you have the right to certain things. One is the safety to study and learn in an environment that will be best for you, without the fear of bullying or having to put on a face that you don't feel is your own. While President Trump has made many questionable decisions, from the Muslim ban to getting into a Twitter war with anyone who disagrees with him, to ignoring honest questions at press conferences, he has made a decision now that will affect our children and their well-being.

The Trump administration has decided to rescind the federal protection for transgender students that allows them to use whatever bathroom or locker room that they identify with and forcing them into gender specific bathrooms. And Hollywood is taking notice.

From Celebrities In The LGBTQ Community

To Our On-Screen Superheroes

To The Lady Who Sang At His Inauguration

While this could be dismissed as more "snowflake" talk, or celebrities putting their oars in where they aren't needed, this is a real issue that affects real people. The LGBTQ community has been worried about the rights they've fought so hard for and so recently achieved being taken away, and so far, the actions of this nascent administration haven't exactly done anything to alleviate those very justified fears.

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It may not be much of a comfort in the wake of watching their rights and protections getting slashed, but at least the community can see the response and know that celebrities and regular Americans alike support and accept them.

If you need help or someone to talk to, please reach out to The Trevor Project, or crisis hotline. You are not alone and your voice is worth being heard.

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