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"I'm not just selling the script. I'm selling me!"
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In the wake of the coming election, we can definitely look back and say it's been one of the most intense and opinion-dividing presidential races the US has ever seen. Last night's debate continued along the same road and was fraught with drama and important information from both parties.

A debate can be a candidates most useful tool and can change the whole outcome of the vote. However, it's not just politicians who get to present their arguments. Television and the movies have given us some of the most memorable and quotable debates of all time, so in celebration of Trump Vs Clinton, here is our selection of the best onscreen showdowns.

1. The Princess Diaries: Debating And Vomit Do Not Mix

Poor Mia didn't stand a chance when she got up to present her argument because of her debilitating stage fright. Thankfully, no such thing has happened to either of the presidential candidates, although you have to admit it would make TV gold.

2. Clueless: Update Your Argument

Cher totally ruled this debate by making it modern and relatable. Clueless she is not, as she gives us her very clear stance on immigration. Plus she gave us this wonderful line:

"May I please remind you that it does not say R.S.V.P on the Statue Of Liberty."

3. Old School: There's Nothing Wrong With Being The Underdog

Frank's (Ferrell) succinct and well rounded argument won him the debate and best of all everyone was expecting him to fail. A heads-up to all underdogs everywhere that quality content will always out rank presentation in a speech.

4. Parks And Recreation: Show You're Passionate

Leslie won us all over with her heartfelt speech about how much she loved her town. Her passion and charm meant even her opponent, Bobby was impressed and he realized he had lost.

5. The West Wing: A Love Letter To Liberals

There was so much West Wing we could have featured, as the show mirrored the political system at the time of airing. So when there was a debate, the program also had a debate. This particular one speaks volumes for the difference between Republicans and Democrats and how they view each other. This divide is still a key component in the voting philosophy today.

6. Brüno: Do Your Research

This is a lesson to us all. Always remember, before you start a debate you should definitely have your facts straight, otherwise you may well find yourself talking about hummus.

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7. The Newsroom: Don't Presume To Know Someone's Agenda

In this debate many important topics are covered, from race to sexuality and finally abortion. It's no wonder the argument becomes heated as Will begins to suppose how Sutton should feel. His heart was very much in the right place, although as pointed out, he reduced his guest to a statistic to make his point.

8. Modern Family: Beware The Internet

Sadly when you hold a public debate you may now end up on the internet. Claire and Phil fell foul to the quick timing of those online and their speech went viral. Editing can be a debaters worst nightmare, it's funny to watch but it can loose you the election.

9. Anchorman: Keep It Clean

This argument could have come to a compromised agreement. However, emotions took over and it got very personal. There's a definite feeling of Trump Vs Clinton going on here too.

10. Designing Women: Celebrate The Land Of Free

For a scene that was created in the eighties, this still speaks volumes on the issues facing the US now. Sugarbaker's speech on her right to freedom of choice, speech and thought is incredibly powerful and sadly it's a problem people are yet to agree on.

11. The Great Debaters: Fight For What's Right

The is the final debate in this movie and even with repeat views it's still as touching and inspiring as ever. Both parties presented a well-researched argument, but it was the humanization of the speaker and the raw emotion that sealed the win for the Wiley College.

12. Napoleon Dynamite: If In Doubt, Dance

A campaigner is nothing without the support of those around them. Napoleon taught us all when your leader is down and out, there's nothing left for you to do but dance. Plus, don't we all want to vote for Pedro?


Do you think the Trump Vs Clinton debate was as memorable as the on-screen ones?


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