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We've had Frankenstein-monsters pop up in key battles of World War II (i.e., Frankenstein Conquers the World, Frankenstein’s Army...). We've seen Frankenstein meeting up with Abbott and Costello (Abott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, 1948). And now, finally, someone had the brilliant idea of putting Frankenstein(s) in the United States' Civil War (or the War of Dead-born Agression, as some Southeners like to call it), having them mingle with the likes of John Wilkes Booth and Abraham Lincoln. And, judging from the trailer, the movie will be even more fun for the audience than shooting it must have been for the cast and crew.

The plot reeks of unpretentious exaltation of the bizarre. Alan Jones (played by Jordan Farris) travels back in time to the Civil War era, while Frankenstein monsters from different dimensions do the same and appear on the front lines of America's deadliest conflict. Hilarity probably ensues.

Apparently, solely based on the trailer, Alan can see through the eyes of the creatures with his injured eye. I wonder what use they'll make of that little fact. It also looks like a Southern oligarch is looking to use the little Frankies as 'unconventional weapons.' The action frankly looks awesome. Watch the trailer and be yourself the judge:


And, to top it off, the short teaser for the movie, which features additional images:


What say you? Will you rush to see it when it comes out, or is this type of film the antithesis to your cuppa tea?

Army of Frankensteins (not to be confused with Frankenstein’s Army doesn't have an official US date yet, but we'll keep you updated right here on Moviepilot.

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