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Television writers have a way with playing with viewers' emotions, whether it's by putting a character in a particularly tough spot — one that seems inescapable — or by prying apart some of our favorite couples. Not every TV couple gets their happily ever after, but that doesn't stop us from wanting it to happen...and from being over the moon when the writers listen to us and reward us for our dedication.

Good writers know how to bring split-up couples back together realistically; otherwise, viewers would have a difficult time understanding the purpose of the break-ups. These five TV couples braved marital difficulties, separations of their own making, and even amnesia, but the writers gave us a big thumbs-up by reuniting them.

1. Doug and Carol ('ER')

Doug and Carol were the quintessential couple of ER. They weathered a lot of storms, including her attempted suicide and his inability to remain faithful. They even survived a year apart when Doug left Chicago for Seattle, and though Carol attempted to start another relationship, she realized deep in her heart that there could never be another man for her.

When Julianna Marguiles (Carol) decided to leave ER, viewers were hoping for a happy ending for this couple, but George Clooney (Doug) had already left so we had no way of knowing if he would return. And we didn't know until that final moment when Carol goes looking for Doug and he sees her from the boat dock. It's the perfect moment, and all the die-hard fans of this couple breathed a sigh of relief. We hated that we would no longer have them on our screen, but in our fantasy-world, they would remain together forever.

2. Tom and Lynette ('Desperate Housewives')

Tom and Lynette were the solid married couple on Desperate Housewives. While their neighbors' lives were falling apart, they were rock steady...until they weren't. Fans were devastated when this couple was torn apart, and we had to suffer through Tom and Lynette trying to move on without one another. And kept us guessing.

It wasn't until the final episode of the series that Tom calls out to Lynette and admits to her that he was still in love with her, but it was Lynette's "you, you, you" that brought a tear to our eyes. They'd gone through a valley and finally came out on top. And viewers couldn't have been more excited.

3. Amy and Sheldon ('Big Bang Theory')

Amy and Sheldon have never been a normal couple. Their dueling awkwardness always provided challenges that most couples didn't have. His hesitation to move forward in the relationship left Amy frustrated. She had no way of knowing Sheldon had intended to propose when she ended things at the end of 's Season 8.

For a few episodes of season 9, we watched this couple deal with being alone again, and even though they tried to pretend they weren't hurting, we saw it. And we wanted them to reunite. Sheldon and Amy have a unique bond because in all of their weirdness, they understood each other, perhaps better than even their families and friends could. The reunion for our favorite geeky couple could not have been more perfect. And "kiss her, you brilliant fool" added just the right touch.

4. Veronica and Logan ('Veronica Mars')

Veronica and Logan (LoVe) fans were disheartened when Season 3 ended without a happily ever after for our couple. With the early cancellation of Veronica Mars, we were sure LoVe were going to be stuck in the vast wasteland of couples torn apart by writers and ratings.

Enter the Veronica Mars movie. The chemistry between Veronica and Logan still sizzled, and though they started off a bit rocky and took the long way home, they finally realized where they were supposed to be. When Veronica finally spoke up by saying "don't go," it was exactly what we'd been waiting for since 2007.

5. Chuck and Sarah ('Chuck')

Our favorite spy couple, Chuck and Sarah, had a beautiful wedding and the start to a nearly perfect marriage — until Sarah put on those intersect glasses and forgot all about her life with . In a flash, her happy memories were gone, and fans were devastated, furious and on the edge of our seats as we waited out the last few episodes of the final season. Surely the writers wouldn't leave our couple this way. Sarah had to get her memories back.

In the end, Chuck and Sarah's reunion took a different path. Chuck's best friend, Morgan, had told Chuck that a kiss would restore Sarah's memories. We didn't know if that would happen, and honestly, we still don't know. But Chuck and Sarah shared a kiss, and we were left with the hope that, even if Sarah's memories hadn't been restored, she and Chuck could build new ones.

Television couples draw us in because we connect with their struggles and their efforts to find that elusive perfect relationship. Much of the time, we remember the couples long after the show has ended. We might forget certain details of the series, but we never forget the break-ups and the reunions, for they tear our hearts apart then knit them back together.

What couple reunion do you remember the most?


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