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It comes but once a year, your favorite day of spreading that wonderful holiday...butter, preferably on some soft dinner rolls. Or some gravy on your mashed potatoes. That's right, it's week in the good ol' U.S. of A., a.k.a. the last week we all have to pretend we're surprised shopping centers put their stuff out so early.

It's also a time for us all to be thankful for all the wonderful things in life we are so blessed to have. Nothing has demonstrated that better (or worse) than those plucky, eccentric, and often dysfunctional members of beloved TV families.

They may be slightly out of the ordinary or relatively close to the real thing. One thing is sure though, these families are never too shy to be themselves no matter what the occasion. And we honor them by presenting a list of families we should all be thankful to have in this first celebratory holiday following that rather soul-crushing election.

9. The Booth/Brennan Clan - 'Bones'

While may be entering its 12th and final season, it's still managed to present us with some even quality TV for the past decade or so. That was in no small part due to the hilarious, heartwarming, and often tragic displays by the close-knit family we've come to so fondly adore. And even though we must bid them farewell next year, at least we can look forward to the wealth of endless reruns headed our way shortly after.

8. The Charming Charmings - 'Once Upon A Time'

The Charmings of are everything that "dysfunctional" could ever possibly describe. I can't imagine even attempting to sort out that family tree. And yet, they've never shied from the one true quality they've represented this entire time: family is everything and family always comes first.

7. Robert Ford And His "Children" - 'Westworld'

It's no wonder fans of have become so attached to Anthony Hopkins' Robert Ford. He is, after all, the very mind of the park. He is quite literally the father of it and all it holds within. The relationships between Ford and his creations may not be exactly what we'd prefer in terms of idealized traditions, but he'll without a doubt fight to his very last breath to keep them and all he holds dear to speak.

6. The Beautiful Belchers - 'Bob's Burgers'

I don't think even The Simpsons could match the adorable family dynamic shared between the Belchers of . While other animated shows seem to treat tenderness and affection as weakness, Bob's Burgers holds it in only the highest of esteem and has become one of the major draws to this captivating animated sitcom.

5. Those Few Remaining Starks - 'Game Of Thrones'

It's true, there are far fewer Starks on these days. But the few we still count among us are working tirelessly to get their family back together - or protect the realm from certain doom. Either way, the Starks are a blessing among TV families and showcase a relationship we should all strive for with our brothers and sisters this holiday season.

4. Yep, The Gallaghers - 'Shameless'

No one does it quite like a Gallagher. And that includes bringing family together and protecting, loving, and taking care of those we share our lineage with. The crew has been telling tough times exactly like it is for six wonderful seasons now and I certainly hope we get to see more of them in the many years to come. And yes, that even includes Frank.

3. The Hilariously Real Connors - 'Roseanne'

I don't think I've ever seen the average American family portrayed as realistically as what was given to us by . An iconic series in its own right, Roseanne brought to life the struggles of raising and being a lower middle class family in the 1990s. And though the tough times were never ignored on the series, the cast always made the very best out of every bad situation and kept moving forward. Now that's a message that can hit close to almost any home this time of year.

2. The Scooby Gang - 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'

Never did a show ever tell a story like . This series brought together people who, in reality, probably never would've been friends. They showed that different was amazing, beauty could also be brains, the strongest families are diverse, and that a person definitely doesn't have to be blood - or even human - to be family.

1. My Friends And Yours - 'The Golden Girls'

Who else could've made a family the way did? They were four elderly ladies with wildly different personalities brought together by an ad in a newspaper. Through strife and personal struggles, these "girls" lifted one another up, cherished each other, and put a smile on the face of every single viewer. They were the greatest of friends and, like with Buffy, showed that the strongest families aren't always the ones related by birth or blood

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