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"Vacationland" to many, a hick state to some, but simply just "Home" to us locals, welcome to Maine — where nightmares and dreams really do come true. Although we aren't a prominent state in exports — outside berries, lobstah' and meth, of course — we certainly are one of beauty, mystery and, of course, .

If you have never been to Maine it's easy to brush off the wonderful paradise we have for ourselves up here. If you are a horror buff however, chances are there is a whole other reason you have yet to pay us a visit. Thanks in large part to , Maine has become the ground zero — or the heart of the , if you're a King fan — of haunting films, stories and tales.

Check out these 10 mysterious, magical and murderous series set in Maine.

10. Harper's Island

Originally airing in 2009, was a widely overlooked series but did indeed develop quite a loyal cult following. Available now on and , you can watch this "whodunit" style murder mystery featuring many familiar faces, many of whom we have come to know and love from hit horror series . A thrilling and mysterious television adaptation based from the works of literal King of Horror (Stephen King), do you think you can solve the mystery before the true horror of Harper's Island reveal itself?

9. Murder In Small Town X

Unless you're a sucker for reality TV and game shows, then chances are you probably missed , a combination of a good ol' fashioned murder mystery with the mainstream appeal of reality television. Although it only ran for one season, the locals of Eastport, Maine — dubbed "Sunrise" in the series — will never forget their small screen and small town claim to fame.

8. Dark Shadows

We all know , and thanks to the recent dark-comedy film adaptation from acclaimed director , even the youngins' — err, I mean us millenials — are on board with the now vintage series. If you have yet to binge watch the original series, it is certainly a necessity for newer fans of the title. For fans old and new — if you love classics like The Addams Family and The Munsters, then Dark Shadows is a classic horror throwback you will definitely enjoy.

7. Murder She Wrote

Starring Angela Lansbury and set in the fictional town Cabot Cove, Maine, it's hard to imagine anyone could forget the classic mystery series, Murder She Wrote. Cabot Cove is a fictional city named after a real inlet in the beautiful and high-end touristy town of Kennebunkport, Maine. For those in my generation, it has become a television classic we adored watching with our parents and grandparents. Thanks to modern streaming devices and young hipsters, it continues to attract new fans 'til this very day.

6. Storm Of The Century

First off I need to say "hats off" to our fellow northerners. Preparing for blizzards like ones depicted in is something we do far more often than the rest of our Motherland gives us credit for. It's located on the fictional coastal Maine island of Little Tall Island (this is actually also the setting of numerous other Stephen King stories as well). One of this writer's all-time favorite King adaptations, Storm of the Century is an immensely electrifying and haunting mini-series you must watch if you haven't already.

5. Haven

A loose retelling of King's classic The Colorado Kid, is the magical and mysterious place in Maine where the monsters go for a safe place from the meanies — something our 45th president sure needs. Looking for a break from the regular folk and filthy muggles? Be sure to binge out on Haven.

4. IT

It was actually a made for television mini-series as opposed the theatrical release when it originally aired in the 1990. Even more so, we forget that it was actually a quite terrible adaptation. Differing greatly from King's novel, it is undeniable that the reason we loved Tommy Lee Wallaces's adaptation was because of , or rather, Tim Curry's version of Pennywise.

3. Under The Dome

Starring beloved horror hottie Mike Vogel (Bates Motel, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Under the Dome had a successful three season run beginning in 2013. Another incredible series adapted from the works of hometown horror hero Stephen King, takes place in the town of Chester Mill. Although the town of Chester Mill is fictitious it was actually inspired by King's summer home and my birth location in Bridgton, Maine.

2. Once Upon A Time

Once Upon a Time speaks to the hopeful, infinite and wondrous child within all of us through an interconnecting compilation of our favorite childhood stories, fairy tales and adventures. Seven seasons in, and continues to make a day dreaming softie out of even the toughest horror fans. Although Storybrooke is not a real Maine town — and trust me, I have looked regardless of knowing such fact — you can visit Once Upon a Time and the magical folks of Storybrooke anytime via major streaming services such as and Hulu.

1. Castle Rock

is the next great and ridiculously anticipated horror drama coming to Hulu. As a Stephen King fan, horror fiend and fellow Maine local, I couldn't be more excited — and you should be too! With King on board as a producer, Castle Rock is set to begin a new story that connects King's other Maine-based tales of terror. Although there is not much to go on, after Hulu's successful retelling of Margaret Atwood's hit The Handmaids Tale, then we have full confidence that Hulu original series Castle Rock will surely not disappoint.

Is there a series you think should be on the list? Have you ever vacationed in the gorgeously wooded and mysterious landscapes of Maine? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section and the "Vacationland" poll below and don't forget to follow me on Twitter: @RachaelRumancek. Toodles!


What is your favorite Maine town to vacation to? Or Which Maine beautiful Maine spot would you most like to visit?


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