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The most important season for television is traditionally the fall - it's when the biggest shows start up again, to run through winter and end between April and June. It's a season based on viewership from fans tuning in weekday evenings, teens turning on after school, and it takes a break over the usual school holidays - Christmas and summer. However, with increasing numbers of TV fans tuning in at all hours of the day and night thanks to streaming services, the previously slow spring/summer season has started to get interesting.

Some big shows, like Game of Thrones, are airing around this time of year to less competition for ratings, giving them a better shot at earning enough to cover a massive production budget. Other shows take advantage of the 'slow' season to work with actors or directors who would otherwise be unable to find the time.

It's fantastic news for those of us who love to have epic viewables all year round - and we've got a roundup of all the spring/summer shows that you should be watching this year!

1. iZombie Season 3

  • Release Date: April 4
  • Network: The CW

The CW's zombie comedy returns for a third season after almost a year off-screen, and we can't wait to see more of Liv's undead adventures.

is going to bring back all the laughs and crime-solving hijinks of the first two, but we'll also be seeing more zombies, more conflict between zombies and humans, and Major getting in on that crime-fighting action—this time on teenage girl brain, apparently. This underrated show is definitely worth a watch, and the first two seasons are already on Netflix and ready to binge.

2. Prison Break: Sequel (Season 5)

  • Release Date: April 4
  • Network: FOX

The original Prison Break was a tense, bingeworthy epic that had us on the edge of our seats for four seasons in a row - and now the boys are back for a final breakout in

and return for this revival miniseries that begins when Lincoln and Sara discover that Michael is still alive and has been in a Yemen prison for years - along with some old friends, they have to save Michael in the most complicated plan yet.

3. Archer: Dreamland (Season 8)

  • Release Date: April 5
  • Network: FXX

The only animation on our list, returns after a dramatic Season 7 finale that left Archer floating facedown in a pool, with the audience not knowing if he was alive or dead.

Now, returns with a noir twist, as Archer dreams of an entirely different world. This isn't the first time that the show has done something so new, but it's definitely the first time that we'll be seeing everyone dolled up while doing their detective work, and it looks amazing.

4. Doctor Who Season 10

  • Release Date: April 15
  • Network: BBC, BBC America

The Twelfth Doctor returns for one final season, with a new companion, an old friend, and that same old wonderful TARDIS.

will be the final season for both (as the Doctor) and longtime showrunner , so it's a big farewell year for fans. We can't wait to see who ends up appearing as the Thirteenth Doctor at the end of the season, as well as how the new companion shapes up, and what kind of old and new monsters the Doctor will be fighting across time and space.

5. The Handmaid's Tale

  • Release Date: April 26
  • Platform: Hulu

The adaptation of 's seminal dystopian novel of the same name, this timely series is going to hit home, and hit hard.

Starring as Offred, the series charts the fall of the United States of America and the rise of the Republic of Gilead... and the women who are forced into slavery as breeders for the rich and powerful. Gorgeous, frightening, and painful, is a story that we cannot wait to see told on the small screen.

6. American Gods Season 1

  • Release Date: April 30
  • Network: Starz

The small-screen adaptation of 's award-winning novel promises to be an intense look at a strange universe where the mythological gods of the ages have come to Earth.

Starring as Shadow, the series will take us on a rollercoaster of an impending war between the gods of old and new, blending fantasy and reality on one helluva ride. If the show is anywhere near as good as the book that inspired it, will become an instant hit.

7. Orange Is The New Black Season 5

  • Release Date: June 9
  • Platform: Netflix

One of 's biggest original series is back, and it's going to be as dramatic as ever, picking up in the middle of a prison riot where the fourth season left off.

The girls of Litchfield are furious, and when season four ended, we were left with no idea what was about to happen. Piper Chapman is still causing trouble, but it was the death of Poussey that really kicked things off and will set things up for . We're looking forward to another season of deep, dark, and hilarious happenings behind bars.

8. Preacher Season 2

  • Release Date: June 19
  • Network: AMC

This gory comic book adaptation returns for a second season this summer, as drunk preacher Jesse Custer, gun-toting Tulip, and reluctant vampire Cassidy take to the road.

Season 1 was a slow burn with a lot of guts and darkness, but promises to be a little more faithful to the comics as the three antiheroes hit the road and start to do a little adventuring. This is definitely one of the more disturbing shows out there, and we mean that in the best possible way.

9. Game Of Thrones Season 7

  • Release Date: July 16
  • Network: HBO

Who would miss the start of the second-to-last season of 's incredible fantasy series? With only thirteen episodes left, we're taking bets on who survives...

will see Daenerys land in Westeros and meet Jon Snow, Bran Stark make it south of the Wall, the war with the Walkers start in earnest, the downfall of Cersei, and so much more as this epic starts to wrap up.

10. Midnight, Texas Season 1

  • Release Date: July 25
  • Network: NBC

Based on the book series by Charlaine Harris, the same author who wrote True Blood, is another supernatural drama set in a small town, and it looks like it's going to be great.

Starring Blindspot's as the new psychic in town, the series deals with a Sunnydale-style 'hellmouth' (a thinning of the veil) in a small Texas town named—you guessed it—Midnight. The townspeople, all supernaturally talented, must band together to fight the darkness and save the people they love.


Which show are you most looking forward to (BESIDES Game of Thrones)?

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