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The Walking Dead is deep into its hiatus, and fans are holding our breath until the show returns in the fall. In the meantime, I want to give you guys an update to my very own Tablecloth Theory, which predicts that the Season 7 premiere's dream sequence told us exactly who would die — based on which side of the table they were sitting on.

Believe It Or Not, The Tablecloth Theory Still Holds Up After Season 7

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

In the picnic dream scene, we see Rick, with his friends and family, enjoying a nice dinner on a sunny day. But of course, Rick's dream will never become true because Negan smashed it into pieces; it's a visual metaphor for what the group has lost

Glenn and Abe (whom Negan had just killed) were sitting on the far side of the table, which originally gave me the idea for the Tablecloth Theory — almost as if the tablecloth were "protecting" the characters on the near side. There may be other visual cues. For instance, the plants on the near side of the table symbolize growth and life, while the far side has candles that Morgan blows out.

The theory hasn't yet been disproven. In fact, it's actually become stronger. Spencer died in Season 7, Episode 8, and Sasha died in the finale; they were both sitting on the far side of the table. Also, nobody on the near side of the table has died.

There's only one problem: Maggie, Morgan and Eugene are still alive ... for now.

The Tablecloth Theory Could Still Become A Reality

Even though three of the characters sitting on the uncovered side of the table are still alive, they went through massive changes in Season 7. I still believe that there is a very good chance these characters could be the next three big losses on The Walking Dead. Let's take a look at how they might meet their ultimate end sooner rather than later — because when characters on The Walking Dead do things their character wouldn't normally, things usually end up going south.


Morgan [Credit: AMC]
Morgan [Credit: AMC]

Morgan has had a good run on the series, but I really do think he will be one of the major casualties in the near future. Morgan started killing again with no remorse, which is a total turnaround from his morals in the past few seasons We've seen his arc — from killer to pacifist — being played over and over again.


Eugene [Credit: AMC]
Eugene [Credit: AMC]

Eugene has always been portrayed as a coward, and he is currently being a coward, standing alongside the Saviors as the brains of Negan's operation. Now that the war is heating up, Eugene has taken a side against Rick. Of course, there's always the possibility that he could be redeemed during the war — by double-crossing Negan and saving Rick's team. However, attempting to do so could also get Eugene killed. No matter what path the character takes in the eighth season, it may ultimately end in a giant death.


[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

Maggie is the clear wild card in this equation that makes people doubt the Tablecloth Theory. The show has been clearly setting her up to be the leader of the Hilltop — and she's lost so many loved ones, it would just be cruel (even for this show) to kill her off.

At the same time, Maggie's death would be perhaps the biggest twist the show has ever aired, and fans would be shocked. Maggie will want to aggressively fight Negan in honor of Glenn and Sasha — and could end up getting herself killed. Also, who wants to see another baby on the show?

Final Thoughts?

Rosita and Aaron are sitting in the middle of the table, and depending on which angle you are looking at, they could be on either side of the tablecloth, though they do have napkins on their plates like the others on the near side. They may be safe, or they may die, or perhaps the showrunners weren't sure whether what they wanted to do with the two characters — if the Tablecloth Theory is valid.

Obviously, this could all be one huge coincidence. However, I truly believe there is something going on here. If these three deaths — Eugene, Morgan and Maggie — all happen before anyone on the near side of the table dies, the Tablecloth Theory becomes a reality. This would be one of the biggest uses of foreshadowing in the history of the show.


What do YOU think of the Tablecloth theory? Discuss below!


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