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In what might be the best news you will read all week (unless you're Summit Entertainment), the merry pranksters behind RiffTrax and Mystery Science Theater 3000 are at it again. Except this time, they have an idea so huge they need your help with it. Yes, yours. You reading this - RIGHT NOW - yours. And where else do savvy internet purveyors go when they need help getting a project off the ground but Kickstarter?

The revered comedy trio recently did a poll of The Worst Movies of All Time. The resounding, sparkly, wooden-acted winner by a landslide was, you guessed it, Twilight. Doing the usual and skewering it online just wouldn't do for a movie of this magnitude, no. So they've decided to pull out all the stops: Go live or go home.

They're bound and determined to secure the rights to Twilight to do a live riffing before a huge audience, turning it into a one-night event that will be shown across theaters nationwide. Yep, that's right. They want to do their running commentary of Twilight live and have it broadcast simultaneously over hundreds of movie screens in August of this year.

Unfortunately, this leaves them without a lot of time to pull it together. And, oh yeah, there's that pressing issue of needing to buy the rights to the Twilight. That's where you come in, intrepid readers. The RiffTrax guys have posted their project over on Kickstarter, and you can help them get this brilliant idea off the ground by clicking this link right here.

So you should do that. No, seriously, stop. Stop reading and click that link. Right now. GO.

And check out the video below for a taste of what to expect:


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