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Yep, you read it right! The latest project from the producers behind the Twilight franchise is, in a departure from fluffy from teen vampires, a movie about 's life, called Rodham.

According to The Wrap, screenwriter 's drama, which was included on last year's Black List of best unproduced screenplays, focuses on the future first lady and US secretary of state, "during the height of the Watergate scandal" surrounding Richard Nixon's impeachment.

Twilight's producers and are preparing to bring the drama to the screen as Hillary is forced to choose between her glittering career in Washington D.C. and her Arkansas love interest , the Edward and Jacob of the Watergate era.

Will this affect Clinton's next run for the White House in 2016? I'm not sure, but I'm rooting for some sexy vampires regardless...

So, who should be cast as the former First Lady? Drop your ballots below.


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