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The Twilight Saga was a boon for Lionsgate and continues to be a moneymaker with DVDs and other merchandise, so it's not surprising the company is interested in more movies. Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer believes there are more stories to be told; it's just a matter of waiting for the time when Stephanie Meyer is ready to tell them.

"There are a lot more stories to be told, and we’re ready to tell them when our creators are ready to tell those stories."

Both and have gotten far away from the vampires they played in the saga, moving onto indie films that showcase their talent. Other stars like and have taken on new challenges with television and singing so another movie or movies in the saga could be a logistical least for a while. There are, however, other options that could benefit the production company and satisfy the millions of Twihards still clamoring for more.

Instead Of Movies, Why Not A TV Series Following The Quileute Wolf Pack?

Werewolves come to mind, and with poised to leave the air in five weeks, it's the perfect time to delve into the backstory of the Quileute. Twilight introduced a different take on werewolves than we've seen on television. Ordinarily, werewolves, like those on Teen Wolf, are depicted as creatures that still walk on two legs and can still communicate with humans even while shifted. Twilight werewolves, though gigantic, are actual wolves which would bring a unique type of story to television.

According to their creation story, the Quileutes were changed from wolves by a wandering Transformer, making the shape-shifting a little more realistic when telling the story of the Quileutes at La Push.

In addition, there is no series on television today that depicts the history of Native Americans, and the Quileutes' fascinating history could come alive on the television screen and, if told correctly, could both enlighten and enrich viewers' knowledge. Chronicling the lives of these Native Americans could help change the way they are perceived and could honor a great nation.

With a backstory that was only alluded to in , the Quileutes have a plethora of stories waiting to be told. Adding the shape-shifting would guarantee a successful transition from movie screen to television.

Would you watch a television show about the Quileutes?

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