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For years there has been a rivalry between the Harry Potter fandom and the Twilight fandom. Whether it's comparing Hogwarts to Forks or the special effects of sparkling vampires versus the Tri-Cup Wizard, fans can be especially brutal when attempting to prove their point.

And Harry Potter followers always had an ace in the hole: its theme parks. Just check out these old tweets for proof:

That will change in 2019 with the newly announced opening of the Twilight theme park, which will be a part of Lionsgate Movie World at Jeju Shinway World in South Korea. It's a first for the franchise, and though it still lags behind on this front, Twilight fans are thrilled the first step is being taken.

Demand for the park has been ongoing for the past five years, even though Stephanie Meyers — the author of the series — originally thought the idea sounded awful:

"I cannot comprehend why you would do that. How could you create that? It would be so boring. Would you have to go to high school for that? Ugh. Sounds awful. I don’t want to go back to high school. What would the ride be? We don’t have rides [in Twilight]. I guess you could have a mechanical vampire that you could ride piggy back. I think that’d be a liability issue though."

However, there will be rides at the new Twilight park (along with restaurants and shops across 1.3 million square feet), according to The Hollywood Reporter — though it's doubtful one will be a mechanical vampire. (A vampire zip line over tree tops would be cool.) Regardless of what the attractions are, Twihards are extremely excited about this next step in the Twilight adventure.

So, even though Twilight needs a few more theme parks to catch up with Harry Potter, fans' patience is finally paying off. They'll continue to hold out hope that this is the first of many theme parks for their favorite series.

Would you visit a Twilight theme park?

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