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Matt Carter

Following the much-publicized breakup of and , a source close to the pair has revealed that the reason the former golden couple went their separate ways was because they no longer have a Twilight movie to make, telling US Weekly:

Usually they would have a Twilight film to bring them back together.

I'm not so sure that the massively successful vampire opus is solely to blame. Perhaps it could also have something to do with the fact that KStew had an affair with Rupert Sanders...

Anyway, away from the media frenzy surrounding their love life, Pattinson is going to be pretty busy over the next eighteen months with Maps to the Stars, Hold on to Me, Mission: Blacklist and The Rover all slated to arrive in 2014. As for Stewart, she has Clouds of Sils Maria and The Big Shoe on her dance card, plus the The Huntsman, which is due to arrive in 2015.



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