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I'll see you again in 25 years.

Laura Palmer's mysterious promise is finally set to come true, as Twin Peaks returns to our screens after a hiatus spanning 2.5 decades. Suffice it to say, TV has been slightly duller without Frost & Lynchs' genre-bending, groundbreaking TV event. In 2017, though, the eerie town of Twin Peaks will once again provide us with thrills, chills, mind-boggling supernatural events — and mystery. Lots and lots of mystery.

News has been thin on the ground since that truly insane cast list was released — but this week, we finally got our first promo for Twin Peaks Season 3! In keeping with the show's M.O. of never letting us know exactly what the hell is going on, the new promo answers very few of our questions. Check it out below:

In between a few meagre quotes promising us a TV event on an unprecedented scale, the main takeaway is this: the cast of Twin Peaks have collectively aged like a fine wine. Lynch has garnered a reputation for placing ridiculously photogenic people in front of his lens, and 25 years on, the Twin Peaks crew are still giving their madman-auteur a lot to work with in the looks department. Here's what the cast have been up to since they had their last slice of cherry pie in the Double R Diner.

Kyle McLachlan — Special Agent Dale Cooper

Images: ABC, Showtime
Images: ABC, Showtime

Where He Left Off: Everyone's favorite FBI agent ended the last season in a tight spot, to say the least. Returning from an intense journey into what was assumed to be The Black Lodge, Cooper appeared to be possessed by the spirit of Killer Bob. The series ended with him locked in a bathroom, his face smeared with his own blood, laughing maniacally. Needless to say, the Agent Cooper we meet in 2017 is likely to have been dramatically changed by his possession.

What He's Been Up To: Kyle MacLachlan has been keeping busy over the years, most notably in a string of high-profile TV shows. You may have caught him in recurrent roles in Sex and the City, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, The Good Wife, Desperate Housewives, How I Met Your Mother, and — my personal favorite — playing the Mayor of Portland in Portlandia. If you haven't seen MacLachlan's Mayor in action, or you just want to relive the magic, check out the clip below!

Harry Goaz —Deputy Andy Brennan

Images: ABC, Showtime
Images: ABC, Showtime

Where He Left Off: Tearful and dopy Deputy Andy ended Season 2 by besting his love rival, Dick Tremayne, and looking forward to raising a baby (which may or may not be his) with Lucy. With actor Ian Buchanan not returning for the new season, it looks like Dick's gone for good — but did Lucy and Andy manage to make it work?

What He's Been Up To: Harry Goaz has still kept a hand in the showbiz industry, with roles in Eerie Indiana and Soderbergh's The Underneath. He's also a published writer; you can read some of his poetry here!

Miguel Ferrer — Agent Albert Rosenfield

Images: ABC, Showtime
Images: ABC, Showtime

Where He Left Off: Rosenfield was pretty darn disparaging of Twin Peaks and its residents from the get-go, but later appearances saw him soften up (somewhat) and get drawn into the supernatural side of Coop & co.'s investigation.

What He's Been Up To: Miguel Ferrer has been a busy man since he left the town of Twin Peaks behind, taking on a number of varied roles over the years. Like Maclachlan, he too had a stint on Desperate Housewives, as art teacher/egomaniac Andre Zeller; he's currently starring as Owen Granger in NCIS: LA. Movie Pilot readers may primarily know him for his forays into superherodom; he voiced Vandal Savage in the wildly popular Young Justice, and plays the Vice President in the MCU!

Kimmy Robertson — Lucy Moran

Images: ABC, Showtime
Images: ABC, Showtime

Where She Left Off: Two words: heavily pregnant. Lucy shared a touching moment with Andy at the Miss Twin Peaks pageant before Windom Earle gatecrashed the party. We can't wait to see what Lucy made of motherhood over the years.

What She's Been Up To: Kimmy Robertson has put that iconic high-pitched voice to use over the years, taking on voice acting roles in American Dad!, Batman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, Pepper Ann and The Simpsons. It also looks like she's retained her signature voluminous locks — our fingers are crossed for some more crazy Lucy outfits and hairdos in Twin Peaks Season 3.

Here's some more damn good content to keep you tided over until Twin Peaks returns:

Dana Ashbrook — Bobby Briggs

Images: ABC, Showtime
Images: ABC, Showtime

Where He Left Off: After Leo re-emerged from his coma, high-school sports star Bobby (played by Ashbrook) cooled off somewhat on his married girlfriend Shelley. His most major arc in Season Two was finding employment under the shady Ben Horne (Richard Beymer). With Beymer also returning for the remake, we wonder how their relationship will have developed.

One Briggs man we sadly won't be seeing return to the breach is Bobby's father Major Briggs, as actor Don S. Davis passed away in 2008. R.I.P. Briggs- your presence will be missed.

What He's Been Up To: Shedding the '90s boyband hair, but retaining the cheekbones for days. As well as maintaining his lovely mug, Ashbrook's made a string of TV appearance including Crash, The Kill Point, and appearing on Psych with some fellow Twin Peaks alums.

James Marshall — James Hurley

Images: ABC, Showtime
Images: ABC, Showtime

Where He Left Off: Twin Peaks's inexplicable heartthrob was last seen driving his motorbike off into the distance, leaving Donna and a warrant for his arrest in the dust. Will James have returned to Twin Peaks in the intervening 25 years? And will he finally have a sense of direction, and/or have stopped his pouty, motorbike-adjacent moping?

What He's Been Up To: After Twin Peaks, James Marshall suffered from terrible Inflammatory Bowel Disease, which got so bad he had to have his colon removed. Although Marshall felt this nasty turn of events ruined his "potential to be the next James Dean-like star", he's still appeared in numerous projects over the years, including A Few Good Men and Gladiator (the illegal underground boxing one, not the Roman one).

The New Guys

Image: Showtime
Image: Showtime

Aside from seeing our favorite characters reunited on-screen, one of the most exciting parts of the new series is the star-studded and frankly insane new cast list. 25 years means an entirely new generation of Twin Peaks residents will have grown up, and leaves the crew with ample room to root new arrivals in the off-screen history of Twin Peaks. The four new members shown in the video are:

  • Amy Shiels: As with most of Lynch's ingenues, Amy Shiels is relatively unknown; although she did appear in one episode of the critically acclaimed drama Love/Hate. Shiels also happens to be the perfect age to play Lucy's daughter — just sayin'.
  • Jim Belushi: Star of According to Jim, Belushi's been acting in a variety of roles for almost 4 decades.
  • Robert Knepper: Knepper is most well-known for his chilling turn as villain/general scumbag T-Bag in Prison Break.
  • Chrysta Bell: Bell is a mesmerizing model, actress and singer-songwriter; David Lynch produced her first album!

These are far from the only newcomers — in 2017, we'll also see the likes of Trent Reznor, Michael Cera, Amanda Seyfried, Naomi Watts, Jennifer Jason-Leigh and Tim Roth descend upon Twin Peaks. Not to mention, Laura Palmer actress Sheryl Lee will be stepping back into the fold, so she can fulfil that elusive promise:

Image: ABC
Image: ABC


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