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There's no doubt that the town of Twin Peaks is a strange place, but even stranger still are the unique folks that inhabit it. From a doctor donning red and blue glasses to a lady who communes with a log, the characters of Twin Peaks were the reason that fans fell in love with the series and why it remains so beloved to this day.

When the limited series was announced, it seemed that almost the entire original cast jumped at the chance to play their iconic characters again. But where do we now find them, and how have they changed since the original run? Take a look below to see what the characters from the original Twin Peaks series are up to now that the limited series, Twin Peaks: The Return, has finally hit screens.

Note: this article will be updated as more original characters are reintroduced to the series.

Dale Cooper

Three Coopers in 'Twin Peaks' [Credit: CBS]
Three Coopers in 'Twin Peaks' [Credit: CBS]

Special Agent Dale Cooper has become a complex character since the conclusion of the original series, and it now appears we have three versions of the beloved agent:

  • Good Cooper: The sweet Coop we all know and love seems to have been stuck inside the Red Room on a loop, waiting for his 25-year sentence to pass. After Laura Palmer reappears and tells Coop he can leave, he encounters Leland Palmer who asks him to find Laura. However, in order to be completely free, Coop's doppelgänger needs to return to the Lodge — which is how he ends up replacing Dougie Jones.
  • Dougie Jones: A fake Cooper's doppelgänger created by an unknown force, Dougie's only seen shortly before he's replaced by the OG Coop. Dougie was also revealed to be wearing the Owl Cave ring, which we know is some sort of link to the Black Lodge. He was a real estate developer, and married with a wife and child.
  • Evil Cooper: Cooper's evil doppelgänger, he seems to be on a mission for some sort of information — killing those in his path — and ultimately trying to avoid returning to the Black Lodge.

Deputy Chief Hawk

Hawk is still with the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department, though has now been promoted to Deputy Chief. Hawk received a message from the Log Lady's log that something was missing that he needed to find, and that it was in relation to Agent Dale Cooper. The log's message also stated that it somehow related to Hawk's heritage. Following the message, Hawk has gathered all files related to Cooper to try to work it out, and has been searching the woods, ending up at Glastonbury Grove — where the entrance to the Black Lodge is located.

Bobby Briggs

The last we saw of Bobby he was proposing marriage to Shelly in the Double R Diner, so it was quite the surprise to see that years later he's now working for the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department. However, given his family's history of public service, perhaps this was to be expected. Speaking of Major Briggs, we also learn that he's dead, and that the last person he spoke with before his death was Dale Cooper. Major Briggs's death was written about in Mark Frost's book, The Secret History of Twin Peaks, but this is the first time it has been revealed on screen.

Lucy And Andy Brennan

'Twin Peaks' [Credit: CBS]
'Twin Peaks' [Credit: CBS]

Season 3 sees Lucy Brennan (née Moran) still behind the receptionist's desk at the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department and now happily married to Andy, who also retained his job as a Sheriff's Deputy. We learned that the pair have a son, Wally Brando (Michael Cera), shortly after the conclusion of Season 2, and that Lucy had developed a paralyzing fear of cellphones.

Ben And Jerry Horne

It appears that our favorite Civil War enthusiast Ben Horne is still in the hotel business, smoking cigars and employing beautiful women (though not sleeping with them). Meanwhile, following the legalization of marijuana in Washington, Jerry Horne has moved on to growing and supplying hydroponic weed, apparently tripling their revenue.

Shelly Johnson

Since Season 2 it looks like Shelly has spent her time working at the Double R diner, as well as raising a daughter named Becky.

Sarah Palmer

With her daughter and husband both dead, it looks like Sarah Palmer is now spending her time smoking and watching footage of mountain lions hunting prey. It seems like a lonely and bleak existence for a woman who has seen some serious shit in her lifetime.

Dr. Lawrence Jacoby

We only quickly saw Dr. Jacoby, but it appears as though he's living out of a mobile home. He also seems to be spray painting a bunch of shovels gold using a rather smart invention to turn the hanging shovels using foot pedals.

Margaret Lanterman a.k.a Log Lady

The Log Lady's appearance in the new series came as somewhat of a surprise given that actor Catherine E. Coulson actually passed away in September 2015. From her appearance in Part 1 and 2 we learned that although weak, Margaret Lanterman was still receiving messages from her log. She relayed the message from her log to Hawk, later calling him for a second time to tell him "the stars turn and a time presents itself," and offering him pie and coffee at her cabin.

Sheriff Harry S. Truman

Given that he was a major part of the original Twin Peaks series, it was actually quite an emotional punch to hear that these days Harry's in ill health. Michael Ontkean, the actor who played Harry, was not involved in the Twin Peaks limited series and it looks like David Lynch and Mark Frost have catered for this in a pretty classy manner.

Though is Harry sidelined by illness, we did get to meet Harry's brother, Franklin. The elder Truman was introduced in Frost's book, The Secret of Twin Peaks, where it was revealed that he was already the Sheriff of Twin Peaks before Harry took over the job, leading us to assume that he perhaps resumed the role due to Harry's illness.

Gordon Cole

Still working for the FBI and wearing hearing aids, Gordon Cole is currently working to investigate what the hell happened to Special Agent Dale Cooper all those years ago. After DoppelCoop was found following his car crash, Cole was called on to interview his "old friend." However, after Albert, Gordon and Tammy Preston arrived in South Dakota and interviewed him, they both realized something was terribly amiss. Following the encounter, both Gordon and Cole admitted they were likely dealing wth a Blue Rose case, meaning a case with a supernatural element. This realization may very well draw the pair back to Twin Peaks — a place the FBI knows was under investigation by the US military due to its supernatural goings-on.

Denise Bryson

Rising from her previous position with the DEA, these days Special Agent Denise Bryson is the Chief of Staff for the entire Federal Bureau of Investigation (don't you love sometimes saying that all at once, unabbreviated?). Gordon Cole also reveals he had enough dirt on Denise "to fill the Grand Canyon," but that he never used it against her due to the fact that she was great at her job.

Twin Peaks: Limited Series airs on Showtime on Sundays.

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