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While we knew that a Showtime press conference at the Television Critics Association was scheduled for January 9, 2017, we had no idea David Lynch himself would tackle the press solo for 15 minutes. With Showtime announcing the Twin Peaks Season 3 premiere date (May 21) the same day, info is starting to come together in anticipation of the show's return.

While the enigmatic director chose his words carefully, we were able to glean a few tidbits from his swirling dialogue. Check out the choicest bits below:

1. 'Fire Walk With Me' Is More Important Than You Think

'Fire Walk With Me' [Credit: New Line]
'Fire Walk With Me' [Credit: New Line]

In response to a question about how relevant the events of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me are to the revival, Lynch stated:

"I can say it’s the story of Laura Palmer’s last seven days, it’s very much important for this."

Of course, Laura Palmer's murder was the catalyst for the whole original series story, and actress Sheryl Lee is scheduled to appear in all 18 episodes of Twin Peaks Season 3, so we can assume her character will be an important contributor to the upcoming events. While Fire Walk With Me was not as critically lauded as the original Twin Peaks series, I think it's safe to say we should all bust out our copies before tuning in for the third season.

2. 'Twin Peaks' Season 3 Isn't Necessarily The End

'Twin Peaks' [Credit: CBS]
'Twin Peaks' [Credit: CBS]

While Showtime president David Nevins told EW that, “[Twin Peaks Season 3] is designed to be a close-ended, one-time event," Lynch kept the door cracked open in his own press conference chat:

"Well, before I said I was never going to revisit it. And I did. So I never said never. But as of now there are no plans."

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3. It's Essentially An 18-Hour Movie

'Twin Peaks' [Credit: CBS]
'Twin Peaks' [Credit: CBS]

While it is a well-known fact that Lynch and Frost never intended to reveal Laura Palmer's killer, they were forced to do so after strong studio pressure. We can safely assume that this time around — given Lynch's very public exit and reentrance to the project — the director and writer have full control of the story. With the full 18 episodes already shot and undergoing editing, we know that Lynch and Frost will tell the story exactly as they intended. When asked what viewers should expect, Lynch stated:

"I see it as a film. A film in parts is what people will experience. It was a joyful, fantastic trip with this great crew and cast."

Lastly, he added a wonderful thought on what it means to expect something:

"This word 'expect' is a magical word. People expect things, and their expectations are met when they hopefully see the thing."

We're hoping, Mr. Lynch. And our hopes are as high as the Douglas firs.

What question do you most want answered in Twin Peaks Season 3?

David Lynch/Gordon Cole [Credit: Showtime]
David Lynch/Gordon Cole [Credit: Showtime]

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