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This week's episode of Twin Peaks wasn't quite as heavy on plot development as Episode 9 — and nowhere near as bonkers as Episode 8 — but there were some intensely comedic moments, and some intriguing pushes forward both for Duncan Todd (Evil Cooper's lackey who seems to have been tasked with offing Dougie/Cooper) and Anthony Sinclair (Dougie/Cooper's corrupt colleague). From Dougie getting a third ride to Chad once again proving he is the worst, what else was hidden amongst the Douglas firs in Episode 10? Let's take a look:

1. Did Chad Grab The Wrong Letter?

[Credit: Showtime]
[Credit: Showtime]

At the beginning of the episode we see an enraged Richard Horne track down the woman who'd recognized him at the scene of the hit and run in Episode 6. When he threatens her, she reveals that she sent a letter to the police office detailing what he'd done, just in case he hurt her. After (likely) killing her, Richard phones resident police department asshole Chad to tell him to intercept the letter at all costs.

Eagle-eyed Redditor divik noticed that the letter Chad selects from the mail delivery is from a Miriam Hodges. However, the woman Richard killed is credited as Miriam Sullivan. Did he get the wrong letter, or is this another on-purpose inconsistency that will go unexplained?

2. Gordon's Vision Of Laura First Appears In Fire Walk With Me

In one of the most intriguing scenes of the episode, Gordon Cole (played by himself) hears a knock on the door of his room, where he's drawing some sort of deer creature. When he answers it, he is confronted with a vision of Laura Palmer (whom he'd likely never met), before it dissolves, leaving only Albert standing there. The vision's footage comes from the prequel film, Fire Walk With Me, when Laura runs to Donna's house after discovering her father is the one who stole the pages from her secret diary. There's also an overlaid audio of Sarah Palmer yelling "Laura!", which we hear in the pilot episode when she's trying to get Laura to come downstairs for breakfast.

3. We've Got Another Glitch

After Gordon opens the door and sees the vision of Laura, Tammy walks down the hall to find Gordon and Albert in Gordon's room. As she's about to knock on the door, something strange and almost imperceptible happens: A small part of door appears to shift upward. These apparent glitches in the Matrix have cropped up before on Twin Peaks, most notably in Episode 7 as the FBI agents are flying to South Dakota and the windows on the plane seem to disappear and reappear in what some speculate to be a code.

4. Nadine Made Her Drape Runner Dreams Come True

[Credit: Showtime]
[Credit: Showtime]

Fans of the original series will remember that Nadine obsessively designed silent drape runners and was determined to sell the idea and make a fortune. However, when her idea was rejected, she tried to kill herself, resulting in her waking from a coma thinking she was back in high school.

It seems that the years have been kind to Nadine, and she's now got her own silent drape runner business! Whether or not she's still with Big Ed remains to be seen (let's hope not), but she does seem to be harboring a little crush on mad old Dr. Jacoby.

5. David Lynch And Rebekah Del Rio Co-Wrote The Last Song

[Credit: Showtime]
[Credit: Showtime]

The closing song at the Roadhouse, "No Stars," was written by David Lynch along with John Neff and Rebekah del Rio (who also sings it in a killer Black Lodge tile dress accompanied by none other than Moby on guitar). You might remember Rebekah del Rio from her performance in Lynch's 2001 film Mulholland Drive. She sings "Llorando" when Betty and Rita go to Club Silencio, and from that point on the film goes, well, full Lynch. Could her moving performance on Twin Peaks signal another similar descent into the unknown à la Episode 8?

Did you catch something else in Twin Peaks Season 3, Episode 10?


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