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Now that we're a couple of episodes over the halfway mark in Twin Peaks Season 3, it's more than fair that fans have started to get antsy about when we'll actually see Agent Cooper shed his Douginess. However, where most showrunners might have started to feel the fan pressure, Mark Frost and David Lynch once again steered above the clouds and gave us what we really wanted: an — excuse me — damn good story.

But hidden in amongst the crawling Miriams and the swirling vortexes are some interesting nuggets that make the post-viewing experience (not to mention the rewatches) all that much more enjoyable. Did you catch all five of these?

1. Mark Frost's Son, Travis, Is One Of The Boys Playing Catch

[Credit: Showtime]
[Credit: Showtime]

At the very beginning of Episode 11 we see three boys playing catch in the yard. As one of them chases down a runaway ball, he comes across Miriam, who is still mercifully alive and crawling after being assaulted by Richard Horne in last week's episode. The older boy with a speaking role is Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost's son, Travis Frost, who is credited as Boy Playing Catch.

To make things even cuter, baseball is apparently a Frost family passion. When Mark took Travis to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, in addition to discussing his own love of the sport, he also revealed that Travis has aspirations to become a pro baseball player:

"...we have a pro player in the family (Frost’s nephew is Washington Nationals highly regarded pitcher prospect Lucas Giolito), and Travis has aspirations in that direction, so this is like a trip to heaven for him.”

2. The Woodsmen Above The Convenience Store

[Credit: Showtime]
[Credit: Showtime]

Where to start with this shot! We get this glimpse of the menacing Woodsmen through the eyes of Gordon Cole (David Lynch), as he gazes into the dark vortex; and he would have been sucked in, had it not been for Albert (Miguel Ferrer) grabbing him just in time.

The first thing to notice about this shot is that we've seen this place before. In one of the first new-footage promos, there's a scene in which a shaky camera looks up these exact stairs, so we know we'll come back here again in a later episode.

The second thing to note is that this staircase likely leads to the infamous room above the convenience store. We first went there in Fire Walk With Me when Agent Jeffries (David Bowie) appears in the FBI headquarters and describes what he encountered there (including a freaking Woodsman); and we saw the convenience store in Episode 8 (although it didn't seem to have an upstairs).

The third thing to notice (expertly documented by redditor twankies_p) is that the flowered wallpaper (which you can see in between the two Woodsmen in the forefront and the guy in the back) appears in the painting Mrs. Tremond and her grandson give to Laura Palmer in . Later, she actually goes into the painting in a "dream," where she encounters Mrs. Tremond and her grandson again, and also briefly travels to the Black Lodge where Cooper warns her not to take the ring. It also bears mentioning that when Laura opens the door to her room, the staircase is the same but without the wallpaper, whereas when she looks back at the painting, she sees herself in it, in the same room but with flowered wallpaper — it's almost like she's in an Upside Down (shoutout to Stranger Things fans) version of her own house that acts as a connector to the Lodge.

The final thing to notice is the splatter of paint on the wall, which many have noticed looks suspiciously like a mushroom cloud, which once again harkens back to Episode 8.

3. Steven Is Having An Affair With Donna's Sister, Gersten

[Credit: Showtime]
[Credit: Showtime]

It seems that Donna's younger sister, Gersten Hayward, has come a long way from wearing fairy princess dresses and playing the piano. Now the youngest Hayward (still played by actress Alicia Witt) is having an affair with Becky's deadbeat husband, Steven, as revealed when we see them hiding from Becky's murderous rage at the bottom of the stairs.

4. Big Ed Still Owns A Gas Station

[Credit: ABC]
[Credit: ABC]

It might have been hard to hear above the honking, but when Depute Jesse arrives on the scene after gunshots were fired outside the Double R, he tells Bobby:

"I was at Big Ed's Gas Farm... and you know what? I heard shots."

This is the first mention of Big Ed we've had all season, and we know actor Everett McGill is due to reprise his role in Season 3 from promo footage. Although we have yet to see Ed, we did catch a glimpse of his (hopefully ex) wife Nadine's drape runner shop in last week's episode. We'll just have to wait to see if Big Ed bigged up and married Norma, or if his guilt got the better of him — again.

5. That Shaking Hand Syndrome Is Coming Back In Style

[Credit: Showtime]
[Credit: Showtime]

In the middle of the episode, we transition back to Buckhorn, South Dakota, where Cole, Albert, Diane, Tammy, and Detective Macklay are all debriefing after visiting the portal where Hastings and Ruth had their otherworldly experience.

In the very first shot of the scene, we see Gordon's hand shaking wildly and uncontrollably on the table. As he tries to quell it with his other hand, he says:

"Cat on a hot, tin roof. It's never don't that before."

This isn't the first time we've seen hands shake like this on Twin Peaks. Back in Season 2 the concept was introduced, but we never got a full answer to what was behind it. In Episode 20, we see a older woman sitting at the Double R eating a slice of cherry pie when all of a sudden her hand starts to shake, just like Cole's. Later in the episode, we see Cooper looking out the window at the police station, contemplating the Owl Cave symbols and fielding distracting thoughts about Annie when the same fit strikes him. And again, as Pete Martell wipes tears from his eyes as he watches Audrey and Jack get in his plane, his hand starts to violently shake.

Now, before you get any ideas about this being connected to the left arm numbness we've seen before, let's notice that the shaking attacks their right hands. What does it mean? Your guess is as good as mine, but it seems to be some kind of spiritual premonition or aftershock (in Cole's case). Stay tuned.

Did you notice anything else in Twin Peaks Season 3, Episode 11?


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